Hi, I'm Sam.
Welcome to Momentarily Dreaming
  • I am a 28 year old from the West Yorkshire area.
  • I work full time photographing minerals and precious gems for a wholesale company.
  • I don't like standard tea or coffee, which people find weird, but I do like green tea and most other herbal varieties.
  • I have no tattoos, my ears pierced once in the standard manor and then my upper ear pierced on the left side.
  • I enjoy reading but I'm a slow reader but I have improved by setting myself reading targets.
  • I have a general interest in make up but it doesn't rule my spending habits.
  • Fashion on the other hand is where most of my money goes.
  • I have enjoyed a few festivals in the past but feel I am too old for the constant rain and lack of sleep any more. But I'm more than ready for a few day event to keep things interesting even better when you can sleep in a real bed at the end of the day.
  • I don't currently have any pets but I have had about everything you could imagine as a child.
  • I have a younger sister by two years.
  • I am about five foot tall and generally a size ten.
  • I have been growing my hair long for years, I used to have it cut in a pixie style.
  • I've had many bright colours in my hair from pink, green, blue and purple.
  • My natural hair colour is a dark brown which I am currently letting grow out from all the dye.
  • My favourite footwear is Doc Martens ever since I saved my first wage to buy a pair back when I was 16, I have quite a collection.
  • My favourite film is Back to the Future.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask:

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