Thursday, July 21, 2016

10 Tips For Hosting An Outdoor Summer Gathering

Hi, One of my favourite things about the summer months is eating and socialising in the outdoors. I've helped organise a few family BBQ's in the past so I have some helpful tips to share which will hopefully help make it a great day everyone can enjoy including the hosts.

Tips For Hosting An Outdoor Summer Gathering

Dietary Requirements
Not everyone is into the carnivore side of a summer BBQ so it's good practice to have plenty of vegetarian alternative and to ask guested about any special needs they have (these could be health based or life choices but you'll make your guess feel amazing for making sure they are catered for).

Keep it comfortable
Make sure you've got plenty of seating, weather that be picnic blankets or deck chairs. Making guests feel comfortable can only be a good thing right!

Repel the bugs
I live by a river so I know how annoying bugs get. You can set up wasp catchers with old pop bottles and something sugary. In the evening burn Citronella Candles to get rid of midges and other bugs.

Prep as much as possible
Prep food and drinks as much as you can or buy pre-made so you don't spend all day cooking and you can enjoy the party too.

Don't be afraid to ask to BYOB
Organising a gathering can get costly so it's only fair for guest to bring something to contribute to the festivities. It doesn't have to be alcohol, someone could bring their famous secret recipe sauce past down through the generations.

Be weather proof
I'm writing this post in Britain and well you can't totally rule out rain so it's a good idea to have some space that is under cover. Gazebos are great and not that expensive for a standard one, if you're a bit more flush with cash you might consider a party shed (can only dream right?).

Have alcohol replacements
Some people might be driving or others just not wanting to over do it, having a choice of soft drinks or mocktails is a great way to keep everyone happy and ultimately more healthy.

Have some entertainment
In the past we've played games and always had a backing track of the radio playing quietly in the background. Keeping guests entertained means they are going to remember your gathering as great. You could invest in an outdoor board game, twisters always fun.

Parting into the night
If you plan on parting into the small hours make sure you've got plenty of lighting to keep things safe and sociable. Fairy lights make lovely mood lighting, pick up outdoor solar powered ones and you get free energy.

Have taxi numbers at the ready
Not everyone is organised or they don't know the area, having taxi numbers ready for anyone who needs a ride home will save time trying to find one online and you'll be guest free and in bed relaxing a lot quicker.

Have you hosted a summer outdoor gathering? any tips to add?

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  1. These are great tips! I hear ya about the bugs, citronella candles are a must up here. Hoping to get some more good weather so I can have a lil bbq action on the go. :) Radio is such a good shout for the background also, I usually have one on anyway but can totally change the vibe of the gathering, keeps it nice and fun. xx

    Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

  2. These are great tips! I especially like the first tip for when it comes to allergies. Sometimes, those of us without any food allergies/sensitivities forget that others can't necessarily eat ~whatever~. And having taxi numbers is an awesome idea! Now I really want to host something!

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  3. Love those tips! I feel like planning such a gathering can often seem like a lot of work, so it's only fair to ask your guests to bring something along too. The idea with the fairy lights sounds so nice and cosy. I definitely need to do something like that before the summer is over!
    Patti Shifting Tales