Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Monthly Highlights | May

Hi, May has been a great month, I know it's clique but I really can't believe how fast it's gone by. I feel I could have blogged more but I'm really happy with the content I produced so meh. I'm currently getting over the post SlamDunk blues, I had the best time and finally got to see one of my favourite bands from my teen years Panic! at the Disco, it was so worth the ten year wait.

Mini goals for May 5/10
  • Stay two books ahead of my Goodreads goal
  • Add a Blogroll page
  • Do an outfit of the day post
  • Wear something out of my comfort zone
  • Share my favorites
  • Do some baking
  • Take part in at least two Twitter chats
  • Play with Lego
  • Work on my Pinterest boards
  • Have a pamper night

So goal wise I didn't do too great but I don't mind because I've crossed off the most important ones.
The goals that are blog post related I'll try to complete in the coming month when I might have a bit more time. I've been using Lush bath bomb reviews as an excuse to take lots of baths and that might explain why I've been a roll for reading this month. I read a whole six books, my reviews will be up on the 3rd so keep a look out. I'm now three books ahead of my Goodreads goal so it's looking promising that I'll complete my year challenge.

I took part in three Twitter chats in all and I've noticed a big increase in my Twitter following and in my blog page views, it's really worth taking part. Plus you get to be an active part in the blogging community, talking to like minded people which is great. I did some pining on Pinterest back at the beginning of the month and then forgot oops, still want to work on this from a blog promotion point of view. I did a post on my favourite blogs to read and added these to a Blogroll page, I would love to keep adding to it as I find new favourites.


Hope you had a great month! Did you do anything different?

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Friday, May 27, 2016

Lush Review | Intergalactic Bath Bomb

Hi, I've got another Lush bath bomb review for you today. I've been super excited to use this after all the amazing images I've seen of this bath bomb in action. Intergalatic as you can imagine is inspired by the universe and the beautiful patterns of the night sky. I actually bought this bomb back before Christmas how it's taken me so long to finally get around to trying it I'll never know.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb - Blast Off Into Funky

The bath bomb itself is a wounder before it even hits the water, it's a predominantly bright blue bomb flecked with strips of neon yellow and pink. It has a very distinct scent of mint which I personally found a little over powering but once in the water it was lovely and relaxing.

This bath bomb contains a mixture of grapefruit, Vetivert, Cedarwood and Peppermint oil designed to be both uplifting and grounding. It also contains popping candy and gold luster which erupts from the bath bomb as it dances around the bath creating galaxies in the dark blue water representing the nights sky.

In honesty I think the scent put me off using this bath bomb, I was worried it would leave me wanting to end my bath rather earlier than normal but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this bomb. Visually this bath bomb has two totally different stages and that really impressed me. The first is the galaxy patterns created by the fizz and pop of the bomb. The second stage is the beautiful dark blue water with sparkling glitter which looks like twinkling stars.

Once I finished my bath and emptied the tub I was amazed by the amount of glitter luster, it was quite possibly the most glitter I've ever seen in a bath bomb, it was amazing and rivaled the Frozen bath bomb. As with all glitter containing bath bombs the bath required a quick rinse down but it's worth it for the beauty of this bomb.

Have you tried the Lush Intergalactic bath bomb?

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Monday, May 23, 2016

Book Haul

Hi, I've been feeling the urge to buy some new books for a little while now, I've been reading more and more recently and decided I need some new titles to add to my TBR shelf. I wanted to get as many books for as little as possible so was quite happy to pick some unknown titles which sounded interesting.

I bought my selection of books online from the Works on a 6 for £10 offer, they only retail at £2 each anyway. Honestly the selection is a little rubbish but they do have a few gems and just in the time I was thinking over placing an order a lot of books sold out and where replaced by new titles, so it's worth giving the range a look over once in a while. These are all books I know very little about and haven't researched, below is an idea of the plot.


That Night - Chevy Stevens

Toni and her boyfriend Ryan are charged with the murder of her younger sister. Eighteen years later Toni is released and struggling to adjust, Ryan is sure he can prove the truth that they are indeed innocent. I think this is going to be a massive who done it story which is going to have dark twists and turns. Psychological thrillers are definitely a genre I need to read more of.


Burnt Paper Sky - Gilly Macmillan

A tale of a missing child and suspicion of the public against his mother. That's all the blurb gives away, another physiological thriller and one which I'm sure has you choosing sides.


The Crooked House - Christobel Kent

Alison has a dark past that she has been running from since she was teenager, she is the sole survivor of a violent attack on her family. Now years later with a new name and a back office job she meets Paul and realizes in order to find happiness she must resolve her past. This book sounds harrowing with the subject matter but then I'm questioning if it's going to be a bit chic-lit.


  Take Back the Skies - Lucy Saxon

Catherine is one of the privileged, the daughter of a senior government official. She doesn't have to fear the same things as others but she still craves freedom and stows away on the skyship Stormdancer. This is the first book in the 'Take Back The Skies' series, after a tiny bit of research I found out that the author was only 16 when she wrote this.

 What Milo Saw - Virginia Macgregor

This is the book I'm most excited to read. Milo is a boy with Retinitis pigmentosa and he is slowly going blind. For the time being he sees through what appears like a small whole, this makes him see the world in a totally different way. One day his gran is taken into a home and that's when Milo realises not all as it seems. With the help of his trusty pet pig Hamlet, Milo sets out to expose the nursing home.

Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel - Jane Costello

Set in Windermere, this book seems like the perfect summer read. Friends Lauren, Cate and Emily join the dance class at the Moonlight Hotel, a chain of events puts the girls friendship to the test. I think this will be a great story of unraveled truths and secrets.

Which book would you pick to read first?

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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The A-Z of Me Tag

Hi, Last month I set myself the goal of writing a personal post, I didn't really know what to write about and haven't posted it until now. This is 'The A-Z of Me' tag which I thought was a really nice way to share some facts about myself with you. This post really made me think and I found it really hard to come up with something for each letter without it being lame or repeating myself. 

I think this is only the second photo of myself I've posted on my blog, I'm really not photogenic and hate having my photo taken so I dug out this really old photo taken the same day as my folio photo, really should get over the fear and update that image. Hope you enjoy finding out a little more about me.

The A-Z of Me Tag

Anima - I'm always in awe of the illustrations and crazy stories, Fairy Tail is a must watch.
Bands - All the pop punk and emo music please.
Camping - My favourite way to get away from it all.
Dr Martens - My favourite footwear, I have eight pairs and counting.
Eyes - I have Hazel eyes, brown in the center with a green band around the edge.
Festival - Download 2006 was my first festival, it was one of the best experiences of my life.
Gameboy - Yes the classic type, my first console and it was amazing.
Height - I’m 5 foot 1 inch (a real shorty).
Instrument - I played the trumpet/cornet in high school, I doubt I can anymore.
Japan - I’m so interested in the fashion, food, the culture and Pokemon!
Knowledge - I work with crystals so I can name pretty much all of them, the basics anyway.
Lists - I love writing lists, they are so helpful and relaxing to write.
Mystical - I’m a dreamer and love the idea of Unicorns, Mythical stories and fantasy.
Nature - My favourite places within the natural world are either a forest or the beach.
Online - I'm still a secret blogger, I don't really know why.
Phobia - Falling signs, a little weird but those huge letters could fall at any time.
Qualifications - I have a 2:2 BA Honors Degree in fine art for design.
Reading - Favorite hobby and a great form of escapism from my daily routine.
Saving - I'm a massive saver, it means I can do stuff without having to worry about my finances.
Travel - Is not a massive priority for me, I like to stay-cation but I need to see more of the UK.
Volume - I like my music loud.
Wish - To own a house and a dog by the end of the year, wish me luck!
X-ray - I've never had one and I hope it stays that way.
Yorkshire - The place I live, Yorkshire in general is a beautiful place.
Zodiac - My star sign is Pisces.

Have you done the The A-Z of Me Tag?

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Friday, May 13, 2016

50 Blogs You Should Be Following

Hi, I've been meaning to add a Blogroll button to my blog for a while but not found the time for the massive task of sorting out all the blogs I follow. As a start I've put together 50 of my favourite blogs to read and I hope you find them as enjoyable. I tend to read a lot of fashion or lifestyle blogs as these are subjects that interest me the most.

50 Blogs You Should Be Following

  1. Ayden - The Little Blog of Horrors 
  2. Hayley - Water Painted Dreams 
  3. Kaylah - The Dainty Squid 
  4. Victoria - Vvnightingale 
  5. Paige - Paige Joanna 
  6. Jennie - Sailboat 
  7. Jemma - Dorkface 
  8. Zoe - Zoe London 
  9. Jessica - Heart Shaped Bones  
  10. Tessa - Holly Sparkle 
  11. Peaches - Stylepeaches 
  12. Stephi -  Stephi LaReine 
  13. Rebecca - The Clothes Horse 
  14. Hannah - Hannah Louise Fashion 
  15. Kayla - Kayla Hadlington 
  16. Lyzi - Being Little 
  17. Olivia - Olivia Emily 
  18. Patti - Shifting Tales 
  19. Jessica - I Am Foxxtailz 
  20. Amy - Amy Valentine 
  21. Beth - The Quiet People 
  22. Sam - Little Fickle 
  23. Leanne - THUNDER + THREADS  
  24. Sarah - Essbeevee 
  25. Amanda - Amanda Jayne 
  26. Ally - Ally in Blunderland 
  27. Bethan - Bethan Likes  
  28. Charlotte - Colours and Carousels  
  29. Courtney - Strawberry Dream 
  30. Bethany - Curly and Wordy 
  31. Corrie - Dizzybrunette3 
  32. Claire - Fine and Dandy 
  33. Bash - H E Y B A S H 
  34. Hannah - Hannah Gale 
  35. Terri - Hello, Terri Lowe 
  36. Imogen - Imogen's Typewriter. 
  37. Kirsty -  Kirsty Talks 
  38. Nicole - Life in Ginger 
  39. Marcia - Mabsoph 
  40. Christie - Moany Mouse 
  41. Imii - nettle&blackberry 
  43. Rachel - Rachel Coco  
  44. Sian - The Freckled Fieldnotes 
  45. Lauren - What Lauren Did Today 
  46. Kayleigh - veryberrycosmo 
  47. Lauren & Rachel - The Flower That Blooms 
  48. Rhianna - robowecop 
  49. Steph - Hello, Steph 
  50. Deimante - Sunnydei
I'm always looking for new blogs, any suggestions?

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10 Things We Should Make Time For Everyday

Hi, This is a bit of a motivational post and a reminder to look after yourself, I hope it's useful. The idea is that day to day we over look the little things. I've put together a list of daily things we should all do no matter what. I personally fail at doing these myself so I'll be using these pointers to try and improve my attitude to my own mental and physical health.

10 Things We Should Make Time For Everyday

Visualize Your Day
Having an idea of what you want to achieve makes it easier to do. Don't put off the hard stuff, tackle that first and then everything else will seem simple by comparison.

Skin Care
You only get one face so look after it, make sure to moisturise, use SPF and to remove makeup and built up pollutants.

It's not all about weight loss, keeping active keeps the body mobile. Keep it simple and go for a walk or do some meditation.

Eating Well
The phrase you are what you eat is pretty accurate. Try to keep high calorie processed foods to a minimum opting for home made versions and try to eat your five a day.

Drinking Water
There are a lots of health benefits from drinking plenty of water everyday. I like to add a dash of lemon juice to make it a bit more interesting.

Takes the stress out of the day by having a plan of action. Anything from planing your lunch or what you're going to wear the following day. Write lists to help keep focus and remove stress.

Contact Someone
Having a connection with the people around us is grounding and great for unwinding. Arrange to meet up with a friend or have a chat over the phone.

Take Time For Yourself
Relaxation and a chance to sit back and reflect is really important. Use this time how ever you want: escape to a new place in a book, unwind in a warming bath or have a pamper session.

Get 8 Hours Sleep
Not everyone needs it but it's the best way to make sure that you'll be refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

List Things That Make You Happy
Look for the positives in everything you do when possible. The little things are easily forgotten, make lists to remind yourself of them. Maybe even start a memory jar, the big things are welcome too.

What's in your daily routine?

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Friday, May 6, 2016

Lush Review | Dragon Egg Bath Bomb

Hi, Today I've got another Lush review to share. Dragon Egg is actually a product I've used before but always while staying away so I've never had the chance to review it before. I was super excited to try this product again because I remember enjoying it so much plus I really wanted to review it. This bath bomb is one of my boyfriends favorites, I think it's because it's one of the more masculine bombs, in theme anyway.

Lush Dragon Egg Bath Bomb Review

Dragon Egg Bath Bomb - Feel Ready to Soar 

Originally in my eyes Dragon Egg didn't look all that special but don't let looks deceive you. The first time I picked up this product the super friendly sales assistant asked the Boyfriend what he was looking for and she suggested this bomb. It's a very pale bomb with a few flashes of colour in the form of confetti on first view. I think that's what I love about this bath bomb, it's the surprise of just how exciting it really is once it's in the tub doing it's thing.

Dragon Egg contains popping candy and hidden gold glitter luster which erupts from the center of the bomb. Along with the multi coloured confetti, it really is a showy bath bomb. At only £3.50 I think it is a great product for the wow factor. The scent of the bomb is very much like lemon sherbet created by all the citrus oils accompanied by Jasmine extract. The water turns a lovely orange filled with the sparkle of the glitter lustre, it's a perfect representation of a dragons hoard of gold.

If you want a bomb that gives a good show them this is one to try. The gold luster is easily washed out of the bath after use but the glitter does tend to hang around on the skin for a while after. My boyfriend had a glittery beard after using Dragon Egg which made me laugh so much.

Have you tried the Dragon Egg bath bomb?

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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Reading Roundup | April Book Reviews

Hi, I am so happy with my reading progress this year and I think so far I've made some great choices with the books I've decided to read. I'm yet to find a book that has blown me away but I'd recommend all the books featured in this months reviews. We read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for this months #Sassybooks pick.

 April Reading Roundup - Year Book Count 11

The Year of The Rat
Author - Clare Furniss
Page Count - 352
First Published - 2014

This was a book I picked up as part of a bulk pack, a young adult novel featuring a girl suffering from grief after the loss of her mother. Pearl loses her mother due to complications during pregnancy, she leaves her family with a premature baby to look after. Pearl was happy the way things where and is filled with hatred for her new little sister Rose, who she see's as the Rat. Pearl starts to fail at school and stops being social and basically loses the will to carry on. 

I feel the book only lightly covers things like depression and missed out on things that could have given it more depth. The weirdest thing is that Pearls mother comes and visits her after her death, the first instance being the day of the funeral. This is left quite open to interpretation of either being real or a figment of pearl's imagination but I don't feel it helped with her recovery, the book was a bit far-fetched in places due to this. I did still enjoy the story, it was a quick read and the book ended on a positive note.

Author - Emma Donoghue
Page Count - 402
First Published - 2010

To Jack Room is the whole world. At five he has never seen past the four walls that keep him and his Ma confined by their captor, hidden from the world. Room is an award winning book which is now a movie, I saw the trailer for the film and knew I wanted to read it. The book is split into five sections, one for each part of Jacks perception of the world at different times. Written from Jacks perspective in the language of a five year old, his innocents and belief in his mothers words forming his understanding of his world. I was a  little worried about the writing style but it was really lovely to read.

This book was a really good read, I'm not normally a fan of massive chapters but I had the time to sit and really enjoy reading this book over the Easter weekend. I was drawn into the story and found Jack so sweet, you're rooting for the family the whole time wishing only the best for them. It's a tragic story but one that makes you re-evaluate the world.

All The Rage
Author - Courtney Summers
Page Count - 257
First Published - 2015

This story is told from the perspective of Romy a rape victim. She's ignored and called a liar, no one in the small town wants to believe that Kellan the towns golden boy would do wrong, least of all his father the town sheriff. To make matters that much worse Romy falls out with her best friend after she betrays her by providing evidence that makes her rape claim seem even more questionable. The ordeal effects Romy in so many way but she just keeps on going regardless, trying to put the past behind her and dealing with bullying on a daily basis.

Within the small town there is a party that takes place every year, the worst kept secret and a type of right of passage. It's the following morning that Romy finds herself on the side of the road unable to remember what happened too her, but she's not the only one to have gone missing. There is so much going on in the story it starts with a flash back to the night of the rape for Romy to wake up on the side of the road unknowing of what happened too her. The book then jumps two weeks into the past retelling the story up until Romy wakes and then continuing into a mystery tale of what happened to the missing girl.

The actual rape story is a little underdeveloped and over shadowed by what happens next. I thought that it would go deeper into Romy's feelings but she generally just bottled everything up, I guess that was her coping mechanism. Overall I enjoyed the story it was a quick read and one that I didn't predict the ending, which was nice.

Have you got any book suggestions of what I should add to my TBR?

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Monthly Mini Goals - May

Hi, I'm excited for May. The weather should be a lot warmer (if it stops snowing) and I've got tickets to SlamDunk in Leeds, which I'm super excited for. I don't really have anything else planned but the prospect of the day off tomorrow and the chance to finally meet up with a friend (who works way too much) for her birthday is enough for me to think this is going to be a good month.

Mini goals for May
  • Stay two books ahead of my Goodreads goal
  • Add a Blogroll page
  • Do an outfit of the day post
  • Wear something out of my comfort zone
  • Share my favorites
  • Do some baking
  • Take part in at least two Twitter chats
  • Play with Lego
  • Work on my Pinterest boards
  • Have a pamper night

Goodreads is so so good for motivating me to read and I've read way more than I had this time last year. I'm currently two books ahead for the time of year, I'd like to keep it this way so I can either read something bigger or have a rest at the end of the year. I've bought so many clothes, I kind of had the I can blog about this mentality while shopping so really I should make that happen. I picked up a few pieces that are out of my comfort zone so maybe I'll do an outfit post styling them up.

From the point of my blog I'd like to add a blogroll page as I always check them out on other peoples blogs, in search of more great blogs to follow, so it makes sense for me to have one too. I've been trying to take part in more blogger chats on Twitter so I've set myself the goal of two in hope that it will remind me. I'd like to do a favorites post but I'm just not sure what about. I've been neglecting my Pinterest account and would like to do some research on optimising how it can help my blog.

For lighter goals I've got baking, play with Lego and enjoy a pamper night. These are all things that I enjoy but just haven't found the time for in recent months, so why not influence myself to make time with my monthly goals.

Have you got anything planned for May?

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