Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The A-Z of Me Tag

Hi, Last month I set myself the goal of writing a personal post, I didn't really know what to write about and haven't posted it until now. This is 'The A-Z of Me' tag which I thought was a really nice way to share some facts about myself with you. This post really made me think and I found it really hard to come up with something for each letter without it being lame or repeating myself. 

I think this is only the second photo of myself I've posted on my blog, I'm really not photogenic and hate having my photo taken so I dug out this really old photo taken the same day as my folio photo, really should get over the fear and update that image. Hope you enjoy finding out a little more about me.

The A-Z of Me Tag

Anima - I'm always in awe of the illustrations and crazy stories, Fairy Tail is a must watch.
Bands - All the pop punk and emo music please.
Camping - My favourite way to get away from it all.
Dr Martens - My favourite footwear, I have eight pairs and counting.
Eyes - I have Hazel eyes, brown in the center with a green band around the edge.
Festival - Download 2006 was my first festival, it was one of the best experiences of my life.
Gameboy - Yes the classic type, my first console and it was amazing.
Height - I’m 5 foot 1 inch (a real shorty).
Instrument - I played the trumpet/cornet in high school, I doubt I can anymore.
Japan - I’m so interested in the fashion, food, the culture and Pokemon!
Knowledge - I work with crystals so I can name pretty much all of them, the basics anyway.
Lists - I love writing lists, they are so helpful and relaxing to write.
Mystical - I’m a dreamer and love the idea of Unicorns, Mythical stories and fantasy.
Nature - My favourite places within the natural world are either a forest or the beach.
Online - I'm still a secret blogger, I don't really know why.
Phobia - Falling signs, a little weird but those huge letters could fall at any time.
Qualifications - I have a 2:2 BA Honors Degree in fine art for design.
Reading - Favorite hobby and a great form of escapism from my daily routine.
Saving - I'm a massive saver, it means I can do stuff without having to worry about my finances.
Travel - Is not a massive priority for me, I like to stay-cation but I need to see more of the UK.
Volume - I like my music loud.
Wish - To own a house and a dog by the end of the year, wish me luck!
X-ray - I've never had one and I hope it stays that way.
Yorkshire - The place I live, Yorkshire in general is a beautiful place.
Zodiac - My star sign is Pisces.

Have you done the The A-Z of Me Tag?

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  1. Loved reading this tag! I am a secret blogger as well, I just find it a bit scary to tell people about it, I don't really know why! And I wish I'd be a saver as well. My money is always gone so quickly, I wish I would be better with that! :)
    Patti Shifting Tales

  2. This was a lovely way of finding out more about you :) It's so cool that you work with crystals! Camping and just getting out into forests in general is definitely the perfect way to get away from it all :) I hope you get your wish!

    Claire | J'adore.