Friday, March 31, 2017

March In Review

Hi, Wow March was a busy month. With both my birthday and Mother’s day there’s been lots to celebrate and time has just run away with me when it comes to blogging. I love these monthly posts because it makes me look back and reflect on all the good things that have happened and I realise just how much I’ve done.

Goals for March 6 /10
  • Enjoy my birthday
  • Eat sushi
  • Do something creative
  • Enjoy blogging
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Sell some of my unwanted things
  • Learn a new skill
  • Have an internet free day
  • Plan something to look forward too
  • Catch a party Pikachu on Pok√©mon Go

The month started with my Birthday rolling around and me turning 28, which is a little scary. I spent two days in York enjoying eating and drinking too much to celebrate. We discovered a new bar called ‘The Stone Roses’ which is now our favourite and we’ll be heading back next time we’re in York.

My friend is a Disney fanatic so he prebooked Beauty and the Beast tickets ages ago for us to see the film on release day. I loved every minute of it and even though you know the story I was captivated right until the very end, I don’t have a bad word to say about it. We had lunch at Zizzi’s where I got the most delicious pizza.

Last weekend me, the sis and our mum headed into Leeds for a day of girly fun. We started on the Prosecco a little too early but had an awesome day enjoying the sun and doing a little shopping. I picked up a few bits from Lush that I can’t wait to try.

For the month ahead I need to look into Ebay and start selling my old clothes. I also need to start a creative project and I’ve got a whole house that needs decorating so I’m going to be kept busy.

Have you seen Beauty and the Beast yet? Anything fun happen this month?

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Friday, March 17, 2017

5 Tips For Stopping Nail Biting

Hi, Today I’m talking about my bad habit of nail biting and how I plan to stop it for good. I love nail polish and I’d love to have long elegant nails I can paint in all the colours of the rainbow but unfortunately my nails are gross and I prefer not to draw attention to them. I don’t think I have the best nail bed shape to begin with so I don’t think my nails will ever be perfect but I’m going to challenge myself to grow them.

Tips for Stopping Nail Biting

Stopping The Action
Nail biting is a habit and with me an unconscious one, I bite my nails while I’m watching films or generally not paying full attention to my actions. The key to stopping a habit is recognizing it and actively making an effort to alter your behavior surrounding the trigger. Once you’ve made some progress the reward of longer nails should spur you on to continue with your new good behavior.

If you require a further reminder to not bite your nails why not invest in some of the nail polish with the deterring taste. Alternatively you can wear a pair of cotton gloves. This one might sound strange but you won't bite your nails after a few times of getting fluff in your mouth.

Strengthen Nails
Once you’ve mastered stopping nail biting you need to give your nails a helping hand with growing strong so they can stay nice and long. This can be done with products and with a healthy diet. Using a clear strengthening polish is a great way to support nail growth and may aid in stopping the nail biting. Nails are made up of keratin which the human body produces, by eating healthy foods you can boost the production of keratin.

Work Towards A Goal
I’m sure a lot of people set out to grow their nails for weddings etc. I’m going to set a target date and photograph my nail growth to record how well (or badly) I do with my challenge and I’ll report back with my progress. I’d love to have long nails by the time I go on a hen do in May, a few months should do it.

Reward Yourself
The biggest reward will be your new long nails but there's no harm in buying a little treat to make the most of your good efforts. Buy a new nail polish or something which compliments your hard work.

So there are my tips for stopping nail biting, wish me luck because I am going to need it. I'm looking forward to all the pretty nail polishes I can wear during the summer.

Are you a nail biter?

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Lush Review | Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

Hi, Today I've got a little review of the Fizzbanger bath bomb which was one of a few bath bombs I picked up from the Lush Oxford store way too long ago. This is one of the simplest looking bath bombs I've picked up in a long time but it didn't disappoint.

Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

The bath bomb contains a mixture of Cinnamon Leaf Oil, Petitgrain Oil and Ylang Ylang Oil. Designed to create a fun and relaxing bath that smells reminiscent of apple pie. With most Lush bath bombs there is a surprise waiting inside with the added blue pigment which turns the water from bright yellow to the most vibrant green which made me think of lime jelly. There's an extra little surprise but I won't spoil that bit if you do try this bomb.

This bath bomb also contains popping candy which send it swirling round the bath tub creating blue tails of bubbles as it goes. While it is not that most showy option from Lush it is a really lovely bath bomb. It smells really fresh and fruity and the colour was so pretty. I would really love to use this bath bomb again in the future.

 Have you tried the Lush Fizzbanger bath bomb?

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Sunday, March 5, 2017

8 Packing Tips For A City Break

Hi, I've booked me and the boyfriend a night away in York I wanted to share with you my packing tips. We will be heading to York via public transport so we will have to carry our luggage most of the time until we finally arrive at our hotel. I plan on taking a small rucksack which I will be using over the weekend because they're so spacious and more comfortable to wear.

Packing Tips For A City Break

Make a list
I always start packing by making a list of everything I need to pack. This allows for planning and eliminates the chance of forgetting anything important. I always pack things like train tickets first.

Check out the weather
Pack for the weather and climate of the place you are traveling to not where you are leaving.

Be Strict
I'm the worst at packing for wearing clothing in the future, I never know what I'll want to wear and then I want to pack everything. If like me you pack too much you'll regret the weight later. Work out exactly how much you need and then plan your outfits.

Choose the Best Bag For the Job
I'm taking a rucksack on this journey but depending on how you're traveling or how long you're traveling for a bigger or more mobile bag might be a better option. 

Day to Night
A good tip for space saving is to try and wear outfits that are transitional between day and night with only a few changes like jewellery or footwear. 

Wear Comfy Footwear
Generally when I'm traveling or know I'm going to be carrying extra weight I think it's really important to protect my feet by wearing comfy footwear. I personally live in Dr Martens which are so supportive to feet when worn for a long time, plus really fashionable.

Pack Light Items
You'll be lugging all this stuff around so pack as light as possible. I think dresses are a great option because it's a one piece outfit.

Take Travel Sized
Another way to reduce the weight of your bag is to take travel sized cosmetics or if you're only staying one night forgo them as much as possible and take advantage of what's available at your hotel.

I hope these tips are helpful as starting points for when you're trying to pack. I think these tips become more helpful when you are traveling for a longer time and a further distance but are still really relevant.

Have a great day!

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Friday, March 3, 2017

Reading Roundup | February

Hi, This month was a bit of a slow one for reading. I've got two reviews for you today, both books I got out of my local library hence the protective covers in the photo. I'm hoping to get more reading done in March but we'll see. I'm sure to get a brand new selection of books to choose from for my Birthday.

Reading Challenge 6/35


Author - Jeanna Ryan
Page Count - 320
First Published - 2016
Nerve is one of the books on my to read list this year. I was introduced to this story when I saw the trailer for the film and wanted to know more. Me being me I wanted to read the book before watching the film and that is what I did.

The story is about Vee a teenage girl who is seen by her friends as very predictable. She's not one to do anything daring or risky until Nerve. Nerve is a dare game run via the interenet by anonymous hosts. The idea is you're either a player or a watcher, if you're a player you do ever increasingly difficult/dangerous dares to get better and better prizes. Vee decided to show her friends that she's not the character profile they think she is and starts playing.

The book while fast paced for me was a little over the top. Vee's response to what was happening wasn't very logical and as such annoyed me. I think the dares where pretty pants at times too which only made me dislike this book more. I watched the film as soon as I finished the book and apart from the general plot the film is totally different. I preferred the film because it held the time frame better and the dares seemed more realistic.


Author - Alice Oseman
Page Count - 392
First Published - 2014
I read 'Radio Silence' Alice's second novel last month and I wanted to read her debut novel to compare her writing style. Like her previous book I was left feeling like the point of the story had gone over my head but I don't know if this was me or the book.

Tory is portrayed as a depressed teenager with no interests or motivation. She has a few friends within her all girls school education that she goes through the motions with but overall she doesn't care. When she starts her sixth form year and some boys join her year group she's forced to question her idea of friendship new and old. The underlying story of the book is based around Solitaire a blog which is causing trouble, which in general didn't really aid the main point of the story being Tory's depression.

I think this book was clique and while I don't want to pass judgement on the portrayal of depression this book just annoyed me a lot. I found it quite boring, nothing really happened and the most exciting bits where unnecessary.

What have you been reading?

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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Monthly Mini Goals | March

Hi, It's march the best month of the year! Only joking it just happens to be my birthday month and the time of year that nature starts to wake up from it's winter slumber so I can't help but like it a lot. I'm looking forward to all the blossom trees flowering as it's just so pretty.

Goals for March
  • Enjoy my birthday
  • Eat sushi
  • Do something creative
  • Enjoy blogging
  • Spend more time outdoors
  • Sell some of my unwanted things
  • Learn a new skill
  • Have an internet free day
  • Plan something to look forward too
  • Catch a party Pikachu on Pokemon Go

It's my birthday on Monday so I will be enjoying cake and maybe a few too many drinks. I've got a little trip to York booked and I can't wait to go and visit the beautiful city again. Just hoping the weather perks up a bit and we at least get some warmer temperatures so we don't freeze while we are there. I've got Yo!Sushi planned for my birthday celebrations and will be making the most of the blue Monday menu.

I want to spend more time outdoors and for me trying to catch a party Pikachu is the perfect reason to spend some time finding new places to explore. After my big tidy up I've got a lot of clothes which I need to sell but require the motivation to set it all up, need to think about the money.

I want to create something and I'm thinking some sort of home decor would be really fun and if it works out I might even share it on here. With this I might need to learn a new skill or I will make myself learn something new. This would be the perfect distraction to keep me away from the internet for 24 hours.

Have a great month!

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