Friday, March 17, 2017

5 Tips For Stopping Nail Biting

Hi, Today I’m talking about my bad habit of nail biting and how I plan to stop it for good. I love nail polish and I’d love to have long elegant nails I can paint in all the colours of the rainbow but unfortunately my nails are gross and I prefer not to draw attention to them. I don’t think I have the best nail bed shape to begin with so I don’t think my nails will ever be perfect but I’m going to challenge myself to grow them.

Tips for Stopping Nail Biting

Stopping The Action
Nail biting is a habit and with me an unconscious one, I bite my nails while I’m watching films or generally not paying full attention to my actions. The key to stopping a habit is recognizing it and actively making an effort to alter your behavior surrounding the trigger. Once you’ve made some progress the reward of longer nails should spur you on to continue with your new good behavior.

If you require a further reminder to not bite your nails why not invest in some of the nail polish with the deterring taste. Alternatively you can wear a pair of cotton gloves. This one might sound strange but you won't bite your nails after a few times of getting fluff in your mouth.

Strengthen Nails
Once you’ve mastered stopping nail biting you need to give your nails a helping hand with growing strong so they can stay nice and long. This can be done with products and with a healthy diet. Using a clear strengthening polish is a great way to support nail growth and may aid in stopping the nail biting. Nails are made up of keratin which the human body produces, by eating healthy foods you can boost the production of keratin.

Work Towards A Goal
I’m sure a lot of people set out to grow their nails for weddings etc. I’m going to set a target date and photograph my nail growth to record how well (or badly) I do with my challenge and I’ll report back with my progress. I’d love to have long nails by the time I go on a hen do in May, a few months should do it.

Reward Yourself
The biggest reward will be your new long nails but there's no harm in buying a little treat to make the most of your good efforts. Buy a new nail polish or something which compliments your hard work.

So there are my tips for stopping nail biting, wish me luck because I am going to need it. I'm looking forward to all the pretty nail polishes I can wear during the summer.

Are you a nail biter?

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  1. Agree with above. I use false nails to break the habit once I get back into it. And then they start to grow again. Also find the Sally Hansen fast growth polish really good.