Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Monthly Highlights | September

Hi, It's officially Autumn and I can definitely tell the difference in the air now that the sun isn't shining quite as bright. The trees look so pretty and the local horse chestnut tree is already dropping it's spiky conkers. As I write this there is a lovely blue sky and a slight chill in the air. It's been a rather uneventful month but a good one.

Mini goals for September 4/10
  1. Go to the seaside
  2. Use prompts to take photos
  3. Go on a boat trip
  4. Play in the slot machines
  5. Read at least 2 books
  6. Go see my sisters kittens
  7. Buy some of the new Lush goodies
  8. Do a restaurant review
  9. Buy a smaller camera
  10. Enjoy the changing season
My holiday to Filey seems so long ago now, that was where most of my goals got completed and I've failed a little since. As quite a lot of my goals required spending money it's not so much of a problem as my bank balance will be happy.

I've arranged a shopping trip with the sister where I can stock up on all the lovely Lush goodies (probably picking up something from the Halloween range). I still haven't been to see her kittens and they will probably be more like grown up cats by the times I do see them with her living so far away.

I think I've found a camera I want to buy I just need to be bothered to go and buy it, and that leads onto my lack of a restaurant review, that and the fact I haven't actually eaten out this month. So yeah a good but uneventful month, I'm now looking forward to Halloween and Bonfire night as they will be here before we know it.


Hope your month has been filled with lovely things!

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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Opposite of Loneliness by Marina Keegan | #SassyBooks September

Hi, it's that time again. This month's #SassyBooks pick was 'The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories' by Marina Keegan. This is the first non-fiction book we have read, I'm not much of a fan of non-fiction as I prefer to get lost in a story, but I gave it a go anyway. Go check out Charlotte's and Hayley's blogs for next month's book choice.

The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories

Author - Marina Keegan
Page Count - 256
First Published - 2014

The book is a memoir to Marina Keegan, put together by her family and friends after her tragic death at the age of Twenty-Two. She had just graduated from Yale in May 2012, five days after graduation, Marina died in a car crash. The book is made up of a selection of her essays and short stories showing her talent as a writer. 'The Opposite of Loneliness' was her last essay which was published in the Yale daily mail just before her death. After it gained over one million views when the essay went viral.

I didn't think I would like this as it's so small and broken up into so many different parts. I found that I actually really liked this format and would love to find some other stories made up of only a few pages. I've read mixed reviews about this book stating that she wasn't really that good, but I've fallen for her use of words. I think it takes a lot to create a short story and it be enough to satisfy and that's what she did. I personally think this would make a great coffee table book, as you can read something really meaningful in very little time with these pieces.

As for her Essays I think they are insightful and honest, maybe at times a little boring but that's down to not having an interest in the subject. I loved that she could write six pages on the mess in her car (I couldn't do that). The title essay is her putting down on paper her love for the experience and connections she has made during her time at Yale. It's also a reminder to all her fellow students graduating that they are not alone in the blur of feeling about what's next. There is a bit about a fear of never living up to our own "perfect fantasies of our future self's" which I think is a really relate able point.

The circumstances as to why these essays and stories where published is a sad one. You have to ask if this collection would have ever been published otherwise. This is a collection of undergraduate work by a very young woman, who had her whole life before her to improve, grow and become even better. It should not be judged as if she was the best, but that she was really talented in her chosen profession and could have gone a long way.

Have you read this book? would you?

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Friday, September 25, 2015

September Reading Roundup | Book Reviews

Hi, With the weather changing and the nights drawing in a lot earlier I tend to get more reading done. I'm a little in shock at just how many books I've managed to fit I'm this month but then I feel this month hasn't gone as fast as normal and there's still a bit to go yet. I did have my little holiday which gave me some spare time to get some reading done. I'm also reviewing 'The opposite of Loneliness' for #sassybooks, my review will be up on Tuesday.

The Rivers of London
Author - Ben Aaronovitch
Page Count - 432
First Published - 2011
The story is told from the perspective of Peter a probationary constable who is about to get promoted to do the worst job in the department while his female college is climbing the ranks with much more interesting roles. All of this changes when detective Nightingale recruited him to be his apprentice. Peter is then introduced to the idea of been a new age wizard of sorts. Basically the supernatural we are lead to believe is stuff of folk law and stories is actually real and they works at keeping everything under wraps from the general public.

This is the first story in a series of many books set in London. This particular story is based around the rivers of London and their physical embodiment's, meaning that every river has a human form. There's a dispute about who owns which river that needs to be resolved, which runs parallel to the main story about a killer who isn't human. I enjoyed this book, not one of my favorites and I'm not sure I'll be rushing to read the others but it has a well thought out story. I liked the concept of magic and reality clashing in a modern setting but it didn't blow me away.

Looking for Alaska
Author - John Green
Page Count - 272
First Published - 2011
I wanted to read paper towns with it been released as a film but the library didn't have it so I settled with this book instead (wanting to read more John Green, the 'Fault in our star' film was so good). The book is written from the perspective of Miles a boy with a fascination for last words, who prior to going to Culver Creek was not the most social of people. He meets Alaska, Chip and Takumi and suddenly he has a social life.

The story is based on the antics and general life of students in a dorm situation, including pranks and a lot of underage drinking. Alaska is the focus for the story, with a mixture of teenage longing and underlying mental health issues. I enjoyed this story but felt it lost it's way a little when Alaska is the center of tragedy leaving the guys to blame themselves and try to work out what happened, without really getting anywhere. It's what I expected from a story of the young adult genre, with all the sexual tension and social unease.

The Company of Ghosts
Author - Berlie Doherty
Page Count - 272
First Published - 2013
This was a random pick from the library, I wanted a smaller book so that I knew I could finish it. The story starts with Ellie attempting to run away from home. She is taking the brake up of her parents badly, her father relocated to the other side of the UK and her mother has remarried. Ellie attempts to run away from home only to bump into Morag, a girl from her music class. This is the catalysis for the story that then takes Ellie to a lonely island after an invite to go on holiday with morag's family. After a sequence of unfortunate events Ellie finds herself alone on the island and things start to get weird, the title is a good hint for what happens.

The idea of been left on a island on your own is quite a scary one. I'm not really sure how much I liked this book, it wasn't badly written or anything like that, just the ghost wasn't that good. I'm sure ghosts can't touch people so that kind of spoilt it. The underlying story of the ghost girl was rather moving and I wanted her to be helped so she could finally have peace.

One Day
Author - David Nicholls
Page Count - 448
First Published - 2010

I've been meaning to read this for ages due to wanting to watch the film but wanting to read the book before hand. I finally bought it for a mere £3 and really enjoyed it. The book is about two character Dexter and Emma, both just graduating from Edinburgh university in 1988. The story follows them through the next twenty years of their lives with all the ups and downs you could expect. I love how cleverly written this book is rejoining the pair on the 15th of July every year, that been the date of their first real connection.

This book makes you think of the what ifs and shows how much your life can change over a period of many years. There where times when both characters excelled each other both professionally and romantically. If I take anything away from this book it would be to not give up on your dreams and that life is short. This was my favourite book of the month and I can't wait to watch the film and see how it compares.

Well that's a crazy amount of books and well done if you read all of the reviews! Have you got any recommendations for next month?

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My Savour Hair Products

Hi, Yay I finally got my hair cut! It's been such a long time since I last got it done. In celebration I decided today I'd do a post featuring four products/items that I regularly use to help keep my hair looking at it's best. Getting into the habit of hair care has been a learning experience as I've grown my hair out of a pixie cut, from many years ago, back when I was lazy about looking after my hair. It's finally at a length I'm really happy with and now I'm trying to keep it looking healthy considering the amount of styling tools I use.

Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner - Luscious Long
This is the perfect product if your hair is feeling a little dry and in need a of moister boost. It's a really thick conditioner containing Eucalyptus extract and Avocado oil. I love to apply this when I'm having a bath and leave it on for a good hour. It makes my hair feel so soft and I think it makes those pesky split ends not look as bad. I only use this a couple of times a month so even though I cover all my hair it lasts ages.

Argan Oil Hair Treatment
I simply add two drops to the ends of my hair before blow drying and styling. It seems to be protecting the ends of my hair from major heat damage and leaves my hair super soft. I don't go anywhere near my roots with this though as it's quite greasy. This product isn't 100% Argan oil so I'll be seeking one out that is next time, just as a matter of preference.

Wide Tooth Comb
I keep meaning to pick up a tangle teaser but my wide tooth comb is so good for getting rid of all those pesky little knots after towel drying my hair. It glides though my hair with very little resistance and makes this process so much quicker. I got this one from the Bodyshop, it's well worth the money.

Batiste Dry Shampoo
I've been tempted in the past to try other brands versions of dry shampoo but they just don't seem to compare to Batiste. I don't use this product daily but I do use it when ever I don't have time to wash my hair and I always have some with me when I'm camping. I'm sure you all know what a dry shampoo does, I love how much cleaner my hair feels once the excess oils are sorted out. I'm not a fan of strong scents so I picked up 'cool & crisp fresh' which has a lovely clean scent, whatever that is.

What products do you use in your hair care routine?

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Monday, September 21, 2015

9 Things To Do When You're Having A Bad Day

Hi, As much as we try to be positive all the time, sometimes it's just not possible. We've all had them days that don't go to plan or you feel under the weather. Here are some ways to cheer yourself up and see the positive side of life. I've complied a list of things which make me feel better whenever I'm having a bad day. Hopefully they are helpful to you when you have the same feeling.

Things To Do When You're Having A Bad Day

Buy some fresh flowers
The mixture of colours and fresh flowery scents will be a massive boost to your mood. Fresh flowers never fail to cheer me up, I keep seeing the sunflower boutiques in stores and instantly feel happier.

Treat yourself to something inexpensive
I love to buy myself some sweets or a new nail polish when I'm feeling a bit fed up, something small and inexpensive so I don't later mourn the money I have spent later. I chose an item I will use that day as a tool to create a positive outlook and make myself feel better.

Have a brew
Get yourself a cup of your favorite hot beverage and a listening ear and talk about it, sometimes things seems worse than they are and a different perspective can really help.

Eat something yummy
This can be good or bad, what ever makes you happy. I think when your feeling a bit fed up food can really lift your mood. I love the process of cooking so making a meal from scratch would take my mind off what was bothering me.

Light some scented candles
Burning candles creates a relaxing environment and they are super pretty to look at as the flames dances. Candles are a great therapeutic way to relax and the scent can uplift your mood.

Do some exercise
I'm not a massive fan of exercise but I genuinely believe that if you spend a little time just meditating or doing some yoga you'll feel better just for having accomplishing something. Plus you will get a buzz from all the happy chemicals your body produces.

Take a bath
Relax and make time for a bit of a pamper. Use a crazy amount of bubble bath or an interesting Lush bath bomb. Do some reading or put on your favourite album and sing along.

Look for the positives in life
As much as the situation might be getting you down think of all the things you are thankful for or something you are looking forward too. Distract yourself away from negative thoughts to only the positive happy ones.

Have an early night
Everything looks better in the morning or so they say. Have an early night and start the next day with the determination to not let life get you down. Tomorrow is a new day full of new possibilities.

I hope you don't need to use these tips, but that they are helpful if you do. Have a lovely week.

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Friday, September 18, 2015

TAG | Closet Confidential

Hi, Yay for the weekend! I'm off to talk to the bank about mortgages today and I'm a little stressed out at having to pretend to feel grown up enough to be talking of such things. I'm scared by the prospect of parting with so much money, but on the other hand I'm very excited at the idea of been a home owner and having my own space. As a result of the mixed emotions I'm having a bit of a blogging brain mush moment so I hope you don't mind if I do a tag post.

1. What's the oldest item in your wardrobe/closet?
I'm not ashamed to say I have a lot of old items as my style doesn't really change. One of the oldest items I own would have to be a silver faux leather jacket I got in the sale from River Island, it's so unusual.

2. What is the newest item?
The newest item would be a collection of black and white stripy tops, general basics but a wardrobe staple. 

3. What is the most expensive item?
The most expensive would be my Dr Martens but I generally buy them in the sale for around the £50 mark. I think the most I've paid is £70 for the metallic purple pair which I will be wearing this autumn.

4. What is the most affordable/cheapest item (that you use a lot)?
This would be my denim jacket that I bought for a mere £12 when everywhere else was selling them for £20 plus. I wear it all the time, worth every penny. 

5. What is the biggest bargain?
My wardrobe probably only contains about 5% of things I paid full price for so this is a hard one. I got an amazing kimono from H&M in the spring for £6 and that was full price, so yeah that! 

6. What is the biggest waste of money?
This would be all the sale items I buy and then never wear and a habit I made a point of putting an end to this year by only looking at sales for items I need rather than buying because it's cheap. Choosing one item it would have to be a Topshop skirt I paid £25 for because I fell in love with it only for the fabric to look like it was years old after only one wash. 

7. What are your 3 favourite items right now?
Dark grey acid wash jeans, burgundy felt hat and my super warm woolly jumper. 

8. What is the most outrageous/colourful item in your closet (that you absolutely love)?
I own a pair of jeans covered in a space inspired tie-dye pattern of turquoise and pink on dark blue. They look nicer than they sounds honestly.

9. What is your favourite piece that you've gotten as a gift?
I don't get bought clothes as presents but I do get rather a lot of H&M gift cards (people know me so well). So I'd have to say pajamas, they count right?

10. What is the most comfortable item?
I have some lovely smock dresses which are super simple but look dressy enough for a meal out and they are amazingly flattering and hide the food baby.

11. What is the most uncomfortable item (but you would take the pain because you love it)?
Either braking in a new pair of Dr Martens or I have a skirt where the waist band sits a little weirdly as a result it digs in but looks fine, it's saved for days when I'm not planning on eating out.

12. Pick your favourite black item and favourite white item.
I own loads of black and about a grand total of two white items. The black item would be my Fedora and the white an over sized jumper.

13. Where do you shop at most?

This would be a close tie between H&M and Primark.

 So that's my answers! This made me think about some key pieces I have in my collection. I need to wear the space jeans some time soon. Have a lovely weekend and let me know if you do the tag.

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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Autumnal Fashion Wishlist

Hi, I haven't bought any new clothes for about two months now, I've been avoiding the summer sales. With the weather dropping cold all of a sudden I'm in real need of some new jumpers and generally a style update. While browsing some online stores I found a few items that caught my eye. I have unintentionally gone for a theme of monochrome and burgundy which is pretty much my wardrobes colour palette. Autumn is my favourite season for clothes shopping, sorry bank balance.

H&M  | Suede Bucket Bag - £39.99 | Faux Fur Waistcoat - £29.99 |
Ripped Jeans - £19.99 | Trainers - £19.99
Primark | Grid Tote Bag - £10.00 | Furry Keyring - £2.00
Dr Martens | Brause Boot - £115.00

H&M is by far my favourite store, it's uncommon for me to leave a store without making a purchase. I've been very much looking forward to seeing their Autumn lines and as yet I haven't seen anything amazing, so hopefully there is more to come, but I did find some nice pieces.

Last year I wanted a faux fur waistcoat but I missed out on getting one. To my joy they are back again this year, I found this one which is also available in black. It's now sat in my online basket waiting for a discount day. Along with the waistcoat I've picked some ripped jeans in grey. I love monochrome items as I find them easier to style and they work well with a pop of colour.

Looking at the wishlist I have been drawn to accessories. My H&M finds include the Suede Bucket bag and the burgundy trainers. Online they look almost the same colour, I'd love to know if they really are, burgundy is such a lovely colour. The bag is very on trend with the fabric and tassel detail. A little expensive but it's genuine suede so you get what you pay for. I need a new pair of trainers and my favourite type are the slip on style.

There are a few bits I want to pick up from Primark, when I finally get chance to go. These are the grid tote and the fluffy keyring. I just think they are really nice pieces and work well with other items I already own. The tote looks like it's waterproof so would make a nice stylish book bag.

Lastly I've picked a pair of Dr Martens from the new collection, which I will not be buying as I have given myself a ban until I have worn my newest pair. You can't really see the detail on the photo but they have a stitched rose design which is both pretty and Gothic.

What's your favorite autumn colour?

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Friday, September 11, 2015

8 Ways To Do More Reading

Hi, Happy Friday! Like myself you might be planning on enjoying a book this weekend, I love reading but I find it a real struggle to find the time. I have been using some helpful tips to make the most of my time to get in as much reading as possible. They really work as I've already read three books this month (two where only little but still). I'd really like to push myself and see how many books I can fit in by the end of the year. I'm currently reading One Day by David Nicholls.

Ways to do More Reading

Find the Format That Works For You
I prefer paper backs because I'm a tactile person and get a thrill from shutting a finished book but you might prefer to use an E-Reader for example, especially if it's a chunky book like game of thrones.

Use All Available Time
I am really bad for not making the most of my time and procrastinating at just about anything, including been bored. So I decided why not put this time to use and pick up a book, rather than letting time pass me by. If you wake up a little bit early read, waiting for your tea to cook read or got a lunch break that you spend watching the clock do some reading. I used to do most of my reading while commuting on public transport, sadly I do a lot of driving now.

Switch off Social Media
As much as I love to look at social media I try to not let it control how I spend all of my free time. Switch off from social media platforms and you'll find you have a lot more spare time throughout the day. This is a good one to follow for traveling, take a book with you to read and leave your phone alone.

Set an Amount of Time for Reading
If you have the spare time, give yourself an allotted amount of time to read each day. I tent to read just before bed or make a point of giving myself some time by reading in the bath.

Set Goals
I often set myself mini goals when I start reading a book. I like to tell myself to read at least one chapter a night, even if it's slow progress, it's still progress. Don't be too strict about it and only set achievable goals.

Try a New Genre
It might just be that you're not connecting with the book you're trying to read. Trying a different genre can open up new reading experiences and you could find a new favourite author.

Read a Book That is Now a Film/TV Show
If you find it hard to connect to characters why not read the book of a film you've enjoyed. It makes understanding the story easier and you might find out some interesting parts which were left out/changed.

Join a Book Club
Last month I took part in the #Sassybooks book club, being part of a book club is great motivation to read a book within a set time frame. If you would like to take part in the book club this month we are reading 'The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories' by Marina Keegan.

Good luck, let me know what you are reading I'm always looking for recommendations.

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A Catch Up | A Week in Filey

Hi, I'm back! Last week I was enjoying some time off work in a static caravan in Filey. Me and the fella had a lovely time living off takeaways, indulging in our pool addiction, playing on the slot machines and generally indulging in all things coastal. We had a day trip to Scarborough where we got stuck in the rain just before heading back, but a lovely day of ice creams and sight seeing was had.

- Bovril & Hot Chocolate - Fossil Finds - Cockles - Crab Friend -

I was brought up on family caravan holidays and didn't go abroad until the age of about 13 on a school trip. Having a touring caravan means there aren't that many places in Britain I haven't been (but I haven't been to Scotland nearly enough). I know that no matter what there is one place that I will forever return to and that is Filey. I feel like it's my home from home, I know all the short cuts and feel totally at ease in this little coastal town. I have so many happy memories rooted all the way through my childhood right through to adulthood. I love being close to the sea here, no matter what time of year it is or how bad the weather is, there is always beauty to be found in the landscape of the bay.

Filey in my opinion is the best beach for sand. It's solid so it doesn't stick to your feet and get kicked in your shoes when walking, there's very few sharp shells and it's perfect for building sandcastles as it's already damp. It's also super clean as the tide comes right up into the bay, which makes for some pretty impressive waves. My favourite things to do in Filey are paddling in the lapping waves, checking out the rock pools for sea life and fossil hunting followed by a hot chocolate to warm up.

The first photo was taken the day we arrived and the last was the day we left. It was dark and rainy for the time in between including the day we walked onto Filey Brigg (the cliff face you can see in the distance) with full winter wear against the coastal winds. While on the Brigg we had the surprise of seeing a seal pup I've only ever seen one other seal on the Brigg before. It was so windy on the Brigg we had to fight the wind just to stay standing but it was totally worth it for the view of the crashing waves on the other side of the bay. While there we checked out the rock pools and found loads of hermit crabs, two different types of crabs and some little tiny fishes.

I had a lovely time and can't wait to go back, sadly we decided against our fishing trip plans as the weather just wasn't good enough (didn't fancy three hours in a boat in the rain) so planning on trying again early next year when the weather might be more preferable.
Where's your favourite coastal resort?

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Beauty Review | The Body Shop Coconut Range

Hi, Today I wanted to share a little beauty review with you. I'm talking about the coconut range of products from the Body Shop.

To start with I wanted to round off the collection with the scent. Coconut is one of my favourite scents for bath/body products and is such a versatile scent complementing any time of year. I have four products from the range to review. The body products contain community Fair Trade virgin organic coconut oil and the spray contains fair trade sugarcane essence.

Body Butter | 200ml - £14.00

The Body Shop body butters are some of the best on the market, they are super moisturizing with a really thick consistency, which sinks into the skin really quickly and leaves it super soft and smelling of coconut for a reasonable amount of time.

Body Scrub | 200ml - £13.00

I love an exfoliating scrub, and this is a really good one. I'm trying to remove all products that use micro beads from my routine and this is a great alternative. The exfoliating material is coconut husks and ground coconut shells.

Shower Cream | 250ml - £4.00

The coconut range has a cream rather than gel but it's essentially the same thing. I use a bath lily to lather up the cream and tiny bit goes a long way and a bottle can easily last me a couple of months. It smells lovely as do all the products from this range.

Body Mist | 100ml - £7.50

I like to use this product as a room mist for a light and fresh boost to the room. The staying power of the scent isn't amazing but it is a lovely product to apply in the morning for an invigorating boost.

Some of the Body Shop products are a little pricey but you get what you pay for. They are a cruelty free British brand and source as many ingredients as possible from fair trade organizations. The Body Shop are great for promotions and special offers so it's very unlikely you'll pay full price anyway.

Have you tried any of the Body Shop's Coconut range?

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Saturday, September 5, 2015

5 Tips For Sorting Your Wardrobe For The New Season

Hi, With autumn arriving and the new fashion season to accompany it, I was thinking about items I might need to buy to cover all bases and what items need replacing. To do this I plan to sort out the clothing items I already own by having a wardrobe tidy up. Doing this will make it easier to work out what staple items are in my collection and what items are worn out. Below are a list of questions which I will be using to sort my own wardrobe, I hope you find them helpful.

 Questions To Ask Yourself While Wardrobe Sorting

First Things First!
Empty your wardrobe, it's a good idea to make sure you have time to finish the sort out in one session. Starting from scratch makes it so you have to consider every item before placing it back. Before returning anything to the wardrobe there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

When did you last wear it?
I have a lot of items in my collection that I can't remember the last time I wore. A good way to see if you still wear an item is to turn all the hangers the wrong way round, the next time you come to have a sort out if the hanger is still the wrong way round get rid.

Does it fit? 
If it doesn't fit, your unlikely to wear it and it won't be making you feel as great as another item could. If it doesn't fit consider getting rid and make more room for something else that makes you feel amazing. Alternatively you could consider getting the item altered but that all depends on your attachment to said idea and if it's worth the money.

Does it work for the season? 
If it's a summer item consider putting it away in storage to free up more space in your wardrobe. Doing this means you can make the most of seasonal appropriate items you have without been over whelmed by too much choice from items you can't even wear.

How can you wear it?
A good way to organize your wardrobe is to have an idea of how you can wear all the items in there. If you can't make it work with other items you own you most likely won't wear it. Give yourself a mini photo shot of how you've put items together for inspiration for those I have nothing to wear days.

Are you planning a shopping trip to restock your wardrobe with autumn clothing?

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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Why I Can't Wait For Autumn

Hi, It's September now so I think that means I can now talk about my favourite time of year Autumn, sorry to all the Summer lovers out there. The summer isn't technically over until the 23rd but where was the summer we were promised. At least with Autumn you know what you're getting as it's pretty predictable, the leaves start to change colour and there's still a warmth in the air, but it's the start of layering clothing and wearing hats to keep the chill away.

Things I'm Looking Forward To In Autumn

The Changing Season
The thing I love the most about autumn is the very obvious change in season. The nights start to get darker and the trees change colour, into the most amazing array of reds, oranges and yellows. It's my favourite time of year to go for a walk in the woods and admire nature.

Halloween and Bonfire Night
Not only do you have more of an excuse to just curl up with a hot chocolate and binge watch the latest it show, but autumn holds two of the most exciting events on the calendar, Halloween and Bonfire night. I feel just like a child again when these two seasonal events roll around, fancy dress and fireworks.

Woolly Everything
Jumpers, hats and scarves. I love the fashion possibilities that come with the Autumn season. I love an over sized jumper for an effortless outfit and woolly hats just tame my hair to keep it looking styled without the effort.

New Coats
I love buying a new coat or maybe more. Picking one based on a winter trend means you look stylish all A/W without trying. I like a coat that will really keep me warm and cozy.

Boots Are A Necessity
I can honestly say I have an addiction to Dr Martens boots. I love to wear them all year round but boots and hot days just don't mix. In Autumn boots become a must have item due to the build up of decomposing leaf litter and the odd autumn rain shower.

Indian Summer
I don't know about you but I always find that September always holds a little of the summer warmth. Enough that you can still wear pretty much anything you want, be it a dress or shorts with the added warmth of a pair of tights.

Dark Moody Colours
I love that when autumn comes around there is a distinct change in colour pallet for the new season. Colours become so much darker and moodier which totally agrees with my alternative side. I always love that high street shops release the odd Halloween inspired items.

The Build up to Christmas
With autumn comes the count down to Christmas. It annoys me that the count down seems to get earlier every year to boost sales but I can't help but get a little bit excited by the prospect that it isn't all that long away. Not wishing the year away or anything!

What is your favourite part of Autumn?

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Month's Mini Goals | September

Hi, It's the ninth month of the year and if the weather is anything to go by, summers over (chucking it down with rain and it's so dark outside). I got a little bit stuck with my goals this month as I'm lacking motivation but that's the point of these posts and now I have some nice ideas of things to do which I might otherwise have miss out on, like going on a boat trip while at the east coast. Hope you have some nice things planned for the weeks ahead.

Mini goals for July
  • Go to the seaside - this is technically cheating as I know I'm going.
  • Use prompts to take photos - Take photos for the fun of it rather than for a reason.
  • Go on a boat trip - Maybe a fishing trip.
  • Play in the slot machines - And see what useless things I can win.
  • Read at least 2 books - To see how many books I can read before the year ends.
  • Go see my sisters kittens - Dexter and Luna, their only 5 months old, so cute.
  • Buy some of the new Lush goodies - Because I'm almost out and OMG! all the new things.
  • Do a restaurant review - I eat out way too much and don't use it too my blogs advantage.
  • Buy a smaller camera - So fed up of carrying the DSLR it's so heavy.
  • Enjoy the changing season - Autumn Yay!!!

What are your goals for the month ahead?

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