Saturday, February 21, 2015

Homeware Haul #1 | Ikea

Hi a little haul of Ikea lovelies to share with you today. I love buying home ware items, I currently live at home with the parent saving for a mortgage. I want a place I can make my own really badly, needs to happen sooner than later as I have zero storage space for all the things I can't resist buying.

Bowl Teacup £2.00/2pc | Loose Tea Infuser £1.70 

Firstly if you haven't signed up to be an Ikea Family Member do it now! It gets you discounts on selected items, discounts in the restaurant and damage insurance when transporting your goods home.
They also give you a welcome voucher for one packs of 100 Glimma T-lights (I love a good freebie).

Anyway so I went to Ikea early January with my voucher in hand and went to see if there where any sale goodies to be had. I didn't find that much reduced but I did get some super pretty Teacups, they where reduced from £6 to £2 for a pair. I also bought a tea infuser to use with the teacups when I get some loose green tea to try. Candles are a must when visiting Ikea and I found these amazing purple pot ones (Chevrons!!!), I also picked up an orange one as I had already selected the super cheap orange bedding for my room. Continuing the orange theme I picked up some patterned tins for storing odds and ends. I bought the jar to store cotton pads in and the rug fits perfectly in the small area of floor space I have in my room.

There is a definite orange theme. Have you bought anything nice in Ikea recently?

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Birthday Wishlist

My birthdays not for another month but February whizzes by and then bang its here.
This year I will be 26! Ouch but its just a number. So here are a few things I would love for my birthday.

Lush Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar | For Life Teapot | Suki Loose Green Tea
Camille Rose Garcia Cinderella Book | 1989 Taylor Swift | Origami Pegasus Necklace

Well Lush has released something with Unicorn in the name so now I've got to try it. Bubble Bars are by far my favourite Lush creation, Brightside is my normal go too product. These teapots are a little on the pricey side but are really well designed. Inside is a removable loose tea infuser so no bits get in your tea and it's easy to clean. I also need tea to brew, green tea is my favourite (I don't like normal tea or coffee, weird I know). The book is illustrated by one of my favourite artist's Camille Rose Garcia. She's amazing I have her other fairytale books too, this is another to add to the collection. Go check out her work seriously. I don't own any of Taylor's back catalogue, how did that happen?. Well time to change that, I really want this album and random fact we where born in the same year. How amazing is this John Greed origami pegasus necklace.


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Saturday, February 7, 2015

H&M | Sale Finds

I failed at the January sales this year. I haven't had the time to go to Leeds to check out the shops and the smaller stores in my local town don't have the variety to hold the sale gems. As for online sales everything worth having was long gone. So the other day I decided to check out my favorite store's website as they had free delivery on offer and I picked up some nice basics from the sale.

Burgundy Jumper £14.99 £7.00 | Suede boots £29.99 £12.00
Flower Headband £7.99 £4.00 | Black T-shirt £7.99 £4.00
Full Price £60.96 – Sales Price £27.00. I love a sale, look at the price difference.

The jumper is super soft with an interesting knit. I love the colour, it will fit right into my wardrobe. I had to get it a size up from what I'd normally get, due to stock, but its the perfect length to wear with leggings (which I always have a problem pairing with a top).

I forgot I'd even ordered the boots, H&M's shipping ain't the fastest, but they where worth the wait.
When I opened the parcel I didn't regret my purchase as they are awesome. A mixture of snake skin patterned suede and black leather look straps with black buckles. They have just enough of a heel for extra height without losing comfort.

The T-shirt what can I say, it's a nice basic. It's very boxy and almost bat winged with a ribbed texture, I plan to wear it tucked into skater skirts.

And lastly the flower headband, I saw this at full price and have been lusting over it and waiting for it to hit the sales, it's pretty meets Gothic, a winner with me.

Did you find any bargains in the sales?

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