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Reading Roundup | February

Hi, This month was a bit of a slow one for reading. I've got two reviews for you today, both books I got out of my local library hence the protective covers in the photo. I'm hoping to get more reading done in March but we'll see. I'm sure to get a brand new selection of books to choose from for my Birthday.

Reading Challenge 6/35


Author - Jeanna Ryan
Page Count - 320
First Published - 2016
Nerve is one of the books on my to read list this year. I was introduced to this story when I saw the trailer for the film and wanted to know more. Me being me I wanted to read the book before watching the film and that is what I did.

The story is about Vee a teenage girl who is seen by her friends as very predictable. She's not one to do anything daring or risky until Nerve. Nerve is a dare game run via the interenet by anonymous hosts. The idea is you're either a player or a watcher, if you're a player you do ever increasingly difficult/dangerous dares to get better and better prizes. Vee decided to show her friends that she's not the character profile they think she is and starts playing.

The book while fast paced for me was a little over the top. Vee's response to what was happening wasn't very logical and as such annoyed me. I think the dares where pretty pants at times too which only made me dislike this book more. I watched the film as soon as I finished the book and apart from the general plot the film is totally different. I preferred the film because it held the time frame better and the dares seemed more realistic.


Author - Alice Oseman
Page Count - 392
First Published - 2014
I read 'Radio Silence' Alice's second novel last month and I wanted to read her debut novel to compare her writing style. Like her previous book I was left feeling like the point of the story had gone over my head but I don't know if this was me or the book.

Tory is portrayed as a depressed teenager with no interests or motivation. She has a few friends within her all girls school education that she goes through the motions with but overall she doesn't care. When she starts her sixth form year and some boys join her year group she's forced to question her idea of friendship new and old. The underlying story of the book is based around Solitaire a blog which is causing trouble, which in general didn't really aid the main point of the story being Tory's depression.

I think this book was clique and while I don't want to pass judgement on the portrayal of depression this book just annoyed me a lot. I found it quite boring, nothing really happened and the most exciting bits where unnecessary.

What have you been reading?

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