Sunday, March 5, 2017

8 Packing Tips For A City Break

Hi, I've booked me and the boyfriend a night away in York I wanted to share with you my packing tips. We will be heading to York via public transport so we will have to carry our luggage most of the time until we finally arrive at our hotel. I plan on taking a small rucksack which I will be using over the weekend because they're so spacious and more comfortable to wear.

Packing Tips For A City Break

Make a list
I always start packing by making a list of everything I need to pack. This allows for planning and eliminates the chance of forgetting anything important. I always pack things like train tickets first.

Check out the weather
Pack for the weather and climate of the place you are traveling to not where you are leaving.

Be Strict
I'm the worst at packing for wearing clothing in the future, I never know what I'll want to wear and then I want to pack everything. If like me you pack too much you'll regret the weight later. Work out exactly how much you need and then plan your outfits.

Choose the Best Bag For the Job
I'm taking a rucksack on this journey but depending on how you're traveling or how long you're traveling for a bigger or more mobile bag might be a better option. 

Day to Night
A good tip for space saving is to try and wear outfits that are transitional between day and night with only a few changes like jewellery or footwear. 

Wear Comfy Footwear
Generally when I'm traveling or know I'm going to be carrying extra weight I think it's really important to protect my feet by wearing comfy footwear. I personally live in Dr Martens which are so supportive to feet when worn for a long time, plus really fashionable.

Pack Light Items
You'll be lugging all this stuff around so pack as light as possible. I think dresses are a great option because it's a one piece outfit.

Take Travel Sized
Another way to reduce the weight of your bag is to take travel sized cosmetics or if you're only staying one night forgo them as much as possible and take advantage of what's available at your hotel.

I hope these tips are helpful as starting points for when you're trying to pack. I think these tips become more helpful when you are traveling for a longer time and a further distance but are still really relevant.

Have a great day!

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