Wednesday, May 11, 2016

10 Things We Should Make Time For Everyday

Hi, This is a bit of a motivational post and a reminder to look after yourself, I hope it's useful. The idea is that day to day we over look the little things. I've put together a list of daily things we should all do no matter what. I personally fail at doing these myself so I'll be using these pointers to try and improve my attitude to my own mental and physical health.

10 Things We Should Make Time For Everyday

Visualize Your Day
Having an idea of what you want to achieve makes it easier to do. Don't put off the hard stuff, tackle that first and then everything else will seem simple by comparison.

Skin Care
You only get one face so look after it, make sure to moisturise, use SPF and to remove makeup and built up pollutants.

It's not all about weight loss, keeping active keeps the body mobile. Keep it simple and go for a walk or do some meditation.

Eating Well
The phrase you are what you eat is pretty accurate. Try to keep high calorie processed foods to a minimum opting for home made versions and try to eat your five a day.

Drinking Water
There are a lots of health benefits from drinking plenty of water everyday. I like to add a dash of lemon juice to make it a bit more interesting.

Takes the stress out of the day by having a plan of action. Anything from planing your lunch or what you're going to wear the following day. Write lists to help keep focus and remove stress.

Contact Someone
Having a connection with the people around us is grounding and great for unwinding. Arrange to meet up with a friend or have a chat over the phone.

Take Time For Yourself
Relaxation and a chance to sit back and reflect is really important. Use this time how ever you want: escape to a new place in a book, unwind in a warming bath or have a pamper session.

Get 8 Hours Sleep
Not everyone needs it but it's the best way to make sure that you'll be refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

List Things That Make You Happy
Look for the positives in everything you do when possible. The little things are easily forgotten, make lists to remind yourself of them. Maybe even start a memory jar, the big things are welcome too.

What's in your daily routine?

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  1. I love these kind of posts. It's always the simple and basic things that we always seem to neglect during our day. This post has made me realise that I really need to start doing the simple things during my day to make it better.

    Beka. xo | littleworldofbeka

  2. Lovely post!

    Beth Ellen |

  3. Such great ideas!! I definitely need to remember to drink more water and not skimp on my skincare... It's so important!

    Lee -

  4. Ah this was very enjoyable to read ^_^ x

  5. Great list! It is so true we need to make more time for these, I know I certainly do! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. These are all great points. I'm trying really hard to look after myself at the moment.

  7. I love visualising my day and especially at night I like to try and say at least 3 things I'm thankful for :)

    Julia // The Sunday Mode