Friday, May 6, 2016

Lush Review | Dragon Egg Bath Bomb

Hi, Today I've got another Lush review to share. Dragon Egg is actually a product I've used before but always while staying away so I've never had the chance to review it before. I was super excited to try this product again because I remember enjoying it so much plus I really wanted to review it. This bath bomb is one of my boyfriends favorites, I think it's because it's one of the more masculine bombs, in theme anyway.

Lush Dragon Egg Bath Bomb Review

Dragon Egg Bath Bomb - Feel Ready to Soar 

Originally in my eyes Dragon Egg didn't look all that special but don't let looks deceive you. The first time I picked up this product the super friendly sales assistant asked the Boyfriend what he was looking for and she suggested this bomb. It's a very pale bomb with a few flashes of colour in the form of confetti on first view. I think that's what I love about this bath bomb, it's the surprise of just how exciting it really is once it's in the tub doing it's thing.

Dragon Egg contains popping candy and hidden gold glitter luster which erupts from the center of the bomb. Along with the multi coloured confetti, it really is a showy bath bomb. At only £3.50 I think it is a great product for the wow factor. The scent of the bomb is very much like lemon sherbet created by all the citrus oils accompanied by Jasmine extract. The water turns a lovely orange filled with the sparkle of the glitter lustre, it's a perfect representation of a dragons hoard of gold.

If you want a bomb that gives a good show them this is one to try. The gold luster is easily washed out of the bath after use but the glitter does tend to hang around on the skin for a while after. My boyfriend had a glittery beard after using Dragon Egg which made me laugh so much.

Have you tried the Dragon Egg bath bomb?

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  1. Hahaha I love that your boyfriend had a glittery beard after using this - how funny.

    I've never tried this bath bomb but you've really sold it to me, anything lemony and I'm there. Great review Sam :) xx

  2. Ou, this looks so nice! I've definitely looked past it before, but I can see me picking it up next time I come across is. Who can say no to glitter? ;) Also, I love the glitter beard, haha!


  3. I loved this bath bomb, though I agree that it does make your water a little funny of a colour! I love a bit of glitter in my lush bath bombs xx

  4. I never tried that bath bomb but the name already sounds very fascinating. I guess I would sit in my bath tub and wait for a little dragon to appear! :D Love the fact that it gave your boyfriend a glittery beard, makes it seem like the perfect New Year's Eve bath choice! ;)
    Patti Shifting Tales

  5. I haven't been to Lush for so long, oh I miss the smell! Loving the gold of the dragon egg, it's so pretty!

    Musings & More

  6. I love the look of this bath bomb! I haven't tried it yet so I will definitely have to add it to my 'to-try' list! x
    Louise |