Sunday, July 31, 2016

Monthly Highlights | July

Hi, You might have noticed that the blog has been very quiet over the last month. This month I travel to York, Barcelona and London. That much traveling is not relaxing and it didn't help that they where all city breaks as you're always busy. I've been feeling very cultured but lacking any sort of schedule and as such blogging has fallen off my radar. I apologies for the lack of posts and hope to get back into some sort of rhythm again very soon.

Mini goals for July 6/10

  • Eat an Instagram worthy ice cream
  • Find a new cruelty free favourite
  • Document my travels
  • Read at least 5 books
  • Buy a new board game
  • Successfully pack hand luggage
  • Plan lots of blog ideas
  • Find a happy balance
  • Have a cocktail
  • Eat Sushi

This month has been amazing for so many reasons and while I might not have completed my monthly goals I've been crossing things off my Summer goals instead. Blog related goals obviously failed as I haven’t blogged. I’m still planning on doing a travel diary post, I just need to sit down and get writing. I’m yet to have a proper brain storm for blog post ideas but this is high on my list of things to do.

While in Barcelona I bought the nicest ice-cream which was chocolate and raspberry, so yummy. No photograph as it was so hot once scooped it started melting everywhere. I managed to cope with just hand luggage and turns out I still packed way more than I needed, it was nice to have options. I’ll feel more confident about packing light next time.

Confession I didn’t buy a board game but my friend did, we’ve been playing King of Tokyo which is so simple but really fun. I’ve totally failed at reading this month having just finished the one book, I totally underestimated how busy I’d be this month. I ate some Sushi and enjoyed a lot of Long Island ice teas, not my favourite cocktail but dam they’re strong.

Hope you're having a lovely summer so far, what have you been up to?

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    1. Sounds as though you had an exciting month. Whilst talking about icecream, I went to Italy recently, and the gelato there was to absolutely die for, it was AMAZING! Even though you didn't get everything that you wanted done, you got more than half of your list done for your July mini goals which is awesome!