Monday, August 1, 2016

Monthly Mini Goals - August

Hi, Happy Yorkshire Day! This month for me is all about getting back into blogging and keeping my little piece of the internet active. I'm finally feeling motivated and inspired to create content and I hope it's an enjoyable read for you, when I do post. I haven’t got anything planned for the month ahead but I do know I want to keep spending to a minimum.

Mini goals for August
  • Reach level 15 in PokémonGo
  • Have a big clear out
  • Get ahead of my Goodreads target
  • Post at least ten times
  • See Finding Dory
  • Do some baking
  • Spending Ban
  • Keep working on my Pinterest boards
  • Have a day out with friends
  • Get outdoors

I’m so happy with my reading progress so far this year, I’m currently at 22 books out of my 35 target which leaves 13 books to read in 5 months. Once my monthly internet renews I’m going to go find a hotspot for Pokémon and try to level up as much as possible, because why not. I’ve got an insane amount of Pidgeys waiting to be evolved with a lucky egg.

I want to make time to see friends as I’ve just been so busy lately, it’s been ages since I’ve seen anyone properly. I’m really looking forward to heading to the cinemas to see Finding Dory, I knew it was a film I needed to see as soon as I heard about it. It’s totally cool to be going to watch Disney films without a child at 27 right?

I’ve set myself the goal of posting at least ten times this month which gives me some focus and motivation to get back into blogging. I’d also like to make some more progress on my Pinterest boards and find some nice DIY’s to try or even a super fun looking bake. I need to have a clear out as I just have way too much stuff I don’t use. With that in mind I’m applying a spending ban to limit my spending and stop myself buying yet more stuff I don’t need.

Have a great month! Will you be going to see any films this month?

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  1. Don't you worry, me and a group of friends (all over 25) are going to see Finding Dory on Saturday - it's perfectly acceptable haha.

    I need to go on a spending ban too this month, arrrghh xx

  2. Oh, I also need a spending ban. I probably won't do it, but I have to cut back a bit, haha. This past weekend was ridiculous for my poor bank card ;) I know tons of people in their mid-twenties who've seen Finding Dory - the kids don't enjoy it! This month I'm hoping to see Ghostbusters and Sausage Party. They both look fantastic :)

    Erin | <a href=">Explore, Refresh</a>

  3. I actually just watched Finding Dory for the first time a few days ago and I can confirm, it's really good! Not as good as Finding Nemo but still, it's really good :)