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Reading Roundup | June-July Book Reviews

Hi, I failed at blogging last month and I realised early on I wasn't going to get much reading done in July so I've combine the past two months reads together. In total I have five book and I'm currently still two books ahead of my target so I don't need to worry too much. It's a while since I read some of these books so I hope my reviews are still helpful.

June-July Reading Roundup - Year Book Count 22

The Crooked House

Author - Christobel Kent
Page Count - 401
First Published - 2015

Alison was once Esme, one night when she was a child evil came into her home and killed her family. Years later she returns with her boyfriend to attend a wedding and she is forced to deal with truths she has been hiding from.

This book took a grueling three weeks to finish (because it made me fall asleep), I wish I could say it was worth it but it really wasn’t. I’m not the biggest fan of suspense novels as a genre favoring more light hearted themes but I’d like to think I’d know a good example of such writing and this really wasn’t that. I expect to be gripped by revelations and itching to read on with the suspense but I didn't experience either. The plot was flaured and drawn out, the time period and location was confusing jumping around all the time. The ending was a sham, I feel cheated for investing so much time in this book.

Shiver | The Wolves of Mercy Falls

Author -
Page Count - 434
First Published - 2009

On a more positive note the Wolves of Mercy Falls series was much more my kind of story. A bitter sweet teenage romance series between Sam and Grace, they didn't meet in the most conventional way as Sam is a Werewolf. This series doesn't have the deepest plot and I was grateful for that, it's an easy book to pick up and read a few chapters. Written in my favourite style of split perspectives it gives a great insight into how both characters feel.

The first book in the series sees Grace finally meet Sam as a boy and they instantly fall for each other, she's always know him as the wolf that saved her the day she was dragged into the woods by the pack many years before. Now the wolf pack is provoked and attacks a boy, he's pronounced dead and things start to go badly for the pack as his father is a possessed hunter out for revenge.

Linger | The Wolves of Mercy Falls

Author -
Page Count - 416
First Published - 2010

Following on for the first book the second sees Grace slowly becoming more and more ill. Her need to be with Sam starts to pull her family apart as they can't understand the depth of the feelings of such a young couple. Sam continues to battle with his need to remain human so he and grace can be together.

The book see added characters of Isabel (sister of the boy bitten) and Cole (a newly recruited Werewolf). This gave the book a whole new dynamic and more personality and teenage worries to cover. I personally loved that extra characters where added for a different perceptive. It gave the story more depth and took the focus away from the young romance, which I feared would become a little bit repetitive.

Forever | The Wolves of Mercy Falls

Author -
Page Count - 489
First Published - 2011

This book sees the continued friendships and relationships of the characters. Conflicting emotions of wanting to remain themselves and the freedom of the forest. I honestly wanted to love these books because I've heard really good things about

Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel

Author -  Jane Costello
Page Count - 453
First Published - 2016

The moonlight hotel is a forgotten relic located on the edge of lake Windermere. The location of the new Salsa class where Lauren and her friends meet lots of new and interesting people. The hotel becomes the cause of much gossip as it's sold and closed for refurbishment. This in Laurens opinion is an attack on her childhood memories of her late Father.

Lauren is the main character and story teller, she has many mishaps which are funny but felt a little forced at times. She had one true goal in life to visit Australia, a mixture of events makes her rethink her long time desire. There was a nice amount of silliness with embarrassing situations and seriousness with the story touching on revenge porn. Even though the story is only told from the perspective of Lauren there are a few different plot lines which all join up to complete the story at the end. It’s a nice easy read and one I’d recommend for reading on a beach holiday. It's your classic holiday romance book.

Have you read The Wolves of Mercy Falls? Any good reads to suggest?

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