Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer Travel Diary | York, Barcelona and London

Hi, If you read my summer travel plans post back in June you’ll know that I’ve been missing from the blog for a little while and I’m finally back to tell you what I got up to. I basically visited three different cities in three consecutive weekends, which is hard work.

Home away from home - It's so spacious

I went camping in York which was so relaxed and the cheapest of all my travelling because we camped in a tent. We don’t really do much in York other than enjoy a change of scenery within the historic city, drink cocktails and play lots of pool. We made a trip to the Kings Arms by the river for a quick drink and to watch the wildlife. In hindsight this is the holiday we should have ended with because it was the most chilled out.

View of the Kings Arms Pub on the river bank

We normally (weather depending) go to the market and stock up on BBQ goodies and eat alfresco,
which luckily this year we did a lot. Apart from the last night when we had a thunder storm the weather was perfect, just warm enough without turning the tent into a sauna. I got some reading done and finished The Wolves of Mercy Falls series in just a few days.

Barcelona from the air
Four nights in this brilliant city was nowhere near enough. There’s so much to see and do, planning ahead or having a general idea of the places you want to see is a great idea to make the most of your visit. We flew out Thursday morning and returned on Monday evening rather later than hoped after a delay. The weather in Barcelona couldn’t have been better at just over 30 degrees and warm right into the evening. I’m going to do a photo diary type post to share more about what we got up too.

The magic fountain
This was the first time I've flown in years and I was a little apprehensive, I'd forgotten how weird it feels. It was totally worth jumping back on a plane for the sunshine and culture, I'd love to visit Japan one day so I better get saving.

Visiting Camden
Finally we headed down to London on the train, we stayed two nights at the new Premier Inn Hub hotel on Brick Lane which was super lovely. We had a little trouble checking in but the staff where super helpful and got us sorted really quickly.

On our first evening we headed over to Camden Town as the boyfriend hasn’t been before and had a few drinks and soaked up the atmosphere. The point of our trip was to visit Hyper Japan which we visited the following day. Depending on what you’re looking for it was a great day out but I think we missed the best stuff later in the day as we left because it just got too hot. There was a mixture of official merchandise, artists work, craft workshops, live music and food stalls.

Hyper Japan Festival
Our final day we headed up to Oxford street so I could finally visit the holy grail that is the Lush Oxford Street Store and it did not disappoint. I went with the intent of picking up some of the exclusive lines for me and my sister. I’ll share what I got in a future post if you’re interested. We then walked down to Covent Garden where we found a nice little pub and chilled out until we needed to head for our train. Again I was delayed on my return journey but we’ve had a confirmation of a 50% refund on our journey so can’t complain.

I had such a crazy month that I’m finding it hard getting back into my normal routine and my blogging has suffered, it’s taken me ages to sit down and actually write this post, hope it was worth the wait. Where are you going on holiday?

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  1. Your trips look so nice! York looks gorgeous! I love older buildings on rivers, haha. To me it's very European and historic. And Barcelona and London are definite must-sees for me. I'm glad you enjoyed Lush Oxford Street - so many people rave about it! It's gotta be good ;)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  2. It looks like you had a lot of fun!
    I would love to visit England some day. I've been to Barcelona twice already and I absolutely love it: there's so much to do, so many places to visit!

    The Journeys of a Girl

  3. That sound like such lovely holidays! I really loved Barcelona when I was there two years ago. It's such a lovely city and Spain is beautiful anyway! I get your feeling about flying though, I don't enjoy it much either and the thought of being on a long flight is actually quite terrifying!
    Shifting Tales

  4. Oh wow it sounds like you crammed a lot into your summer! I so want to visit Barcelona one day, it's definitely on my travel bucket list xx

    Gemma - Miss Makeup Magpie