Friday, July 1, 2016

Monthly Mini Goals - July

Hi, It's holiday time! I should already be traveling on my way to York as this post goes live. Hopefully the sun is shining and if it really must rain it will wait until we have pitched the tent (please!). So after last month not being so great I'm all inspired by my travel plans and just the general freedom from my working life (love it but nothing beats a holiday).

Mini goals for July

  • Eat an Instagram worthy ice cream
  • Find a new cruelty free favourite
  • Document my travels
  • Read at least 5 books
  • Buy a new board game
  • Successfully pack hand luggage
  • Plan lots of blog ideas
  • Find a happy balance
  • Have a cocktail
  • Eat Sushi

So I couldn't help but have very summer holiday based goals and I was having to reference my 25 summer goals post so I didn't have duplicates because that's just silly. I would love to make a photo diary of my travels but that involves taking photos and I'm just the worst at that because I forget, (traveling is blog post gold right?) I must try really hard or I'll be annoyed with myself.

Time off work means more time for things I really want to do like reading, I need to get ahead with my Goodreads challenge and now's the perfect time. I also want to use my digital detox to inspire me with blog post ideas I'm excited to write. I'm starting to run out of products so I need to find cruelty free alternatives, I plan on checking out what's available in Superdrug.

It's summer so I obviously want ice cream and weirdly I really fancy a trip to Yo!Sushi. There's a really great comic book store in York which sells board games so I want to go check them out and hopefully find something to add to our growing collection.

Do you have anything planed for the summer?

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  1. My goals for July is to read more and to try and get an earlier driving test date! x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. Great post and goals! I love all of them especially eat an instagramable ice-cream, as that made me smile. Finding new cruelty-free products in a goal of mine too, I want to check out Superdrug’s line as well. Hope you have a nice holiday, York is a wonderful city!! :-) xxx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

  3. I love how summery your goals have become! And I totally feel you about the travel pictures! I do take pictures on holiday but I'm not a very good photographer and a lot of my snaps are wonky and not to compare at all with the beautiful pictures I see on other blogs. But you are right, holiday posts are great so I show them anyway. ;)
    Patti Shifting Tales