Monday, May 1, 2017

Monthly Mini Goals | May

Hi, Another month, another set of goals. With today being a bank holiday I'm trying my hardest to get ahead with blogging this month (emphasis on trying). I feel this month is going to be a busy one for meeting up with people and celebrating, also an expensive one. The weather is definitely on the warmer side and I want to make the most of it, I'd love to have my first BBQ of the season.

Goals for May
  • Survive a hen party
  • See Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Post five times this month
  • Cut down on my fizzy pop intake
  • Get to 200 Pokemon on PokemonGo
  • Start a DIY project
  • Book a trip away
  • Review my cruelty free progress
  • Try something new
  • Work on my Pinterest boards

At the end of the month I'm going to my cousins hen party weekend, we're off to Newcastle. I'm both looking forward to it and a bit scared (it's been a long time since I've been on a night out). I've never been on a hen do and I've got those classic images of willy straws and too much alcohol. I'm sure the experience will be full of new things but I want to set out and consciously do something new this month.

I'm really looking forward to seeing Guardians of the Galaxy and need to hurry up and get my butt to the cinemas. Are you still playing PokemonGo? I'm currently at 199 Pokemon in the Pokedex, I'm so close to 200. I'd also like to cut down on how much fizzy pop I drink, it's become a really bad habit.

From the perspective of blog goals I'd like to post at least five times (more would be nice). I'd also like to work on my Pinterest boards more (for DIY and home interior ideas) and somehow work it into an interesting blog post. I also really need to look at what I still need to change in my daily routine to be more cruelty free (would you like to see how I'm doing?).

Have you got any plans for the month ahead or tips for hen party's?

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  1. Lovely diverse set of goals for May! I would love to hear if you had fun at the hen do and also a cruelty-free progress post would be nice to see. I want to step out of my comfort zone more this May, maybe have a different kind of outing or something. Have a great month! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog