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Reading Roundup | April

Hi, I read two very different genres this month one about zombies the other was whimsical. According to Goodreads I'm a book ahead of my goal at the moment which makes me very happy. I've no idea what I want to read next (I've got a few books waiting for me, I just can't pick). 

Reading Challenge 12/35

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy 1)

Author -
Page Count - 599
First Published - 2010
I wanted to read a book about Zombies and with the end of the walking dead looming I decided to pick up the first book in the Newsflesh Trilogy. I don't think I'd done too much research into this story line as I didn't want spoilers but it's not the kind of Zombie book I was really after but it was interesting in it's own way.

The book features a brother sister duo (who are both adopted and not related) living in the aftermath of a zombie uprising 20 years after the event. Society has found a way to continue by living along side zombies and things like the internet are still going strong. Georgia and Shaun alongside friend Buffy run a successful blog documenting and keeping the public knowledgeable about the zombies. They get an invite to be the personal team to document a presidential candidates campaign and that's where the story begins.

This was a lengthy book and I think that's why I'm not rushing to finish the series as the other books are just as big. The story looks at a zombie outbreak in some interesting way that I'm not sure I've seen so far (like the fact that everyone basically becomes vegetarian). If you're after a the dead are rising type book then this isn't for you, but if you're interested to see a world after then it was pretty interesting.

The Potion Diaries

Author - Amy Alward
Page Count - 356
First Published - 2015
Would it be weird if I said I wanted to read this book because the lead character is called Samantha? I wanted to read something lighthearted and that I knew I could finish relatively quickly after previously reading such a long book.

Samantha Kemi comes from a family of previously famous alchemists, who have a little potions store in Kingstown. The story is centered around the fact that the Princess of Nova accidentally administers a love potion to herself and this puts the whole kingdom in danger. A hunt is then called to all alchemist to find the cure before it's too late. There's an interesting mix of modern and magical which brings this book right up to date.

This book was kinda cheesy but I honestly loved how easy it was to get drawn into the story which had everything from young love, danger, trails of friendship and Unicorns. If you fancy a quick read that's not all that serious I'd really recommend, I think this would be a great book for younger readers as it's so innocent.

The Potion Diaries - Royal Tour

Author - Amy Alward
Page Count - 372
First Published - 2016
Obviously I had to read the follow up book as it was sat on my shelf. I always find writing about sequels hard as I'm scared of giving anything away from the previous story.

It contains a lot of the same elements as the first book but this time Samantha Kemi is searching for her great-grandmothers lost journal. It's believed that she created the most powerful potion for healing and now there's a rush on to find it first before anyone with sinister intentions finds it.

I think you could quite easily read this book as a stand alone as anything you might have missed is referenced again to fill in missed information or refresh your mind to the previous plot. I worried that this book might be a little repetitive but it's fast pace and descriptive scene setting makes it a really pleasant read.

What have you been reading? Are you working on a Goodreads goal?

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  1. I love the contrast of genres included here, it was fun to hear about the zombies as well as whimsical themes. The Potion Diaries series sounds pretty awesome, and would be suitable for me to take on holiday, as I like light reads while away. I’m currently reading When God Was a Rabbit by Sarah Winman and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Happy reading! :-) xx

    Helen | Helen’s Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog