Sunday, March 29, 2015

Free Perfume | Katy Perry Killer Queen

Hi, I love a good freebie. I got this 100ml bottle of Katy Perry Killer Queen totally free by saving up my boots points to over £15 and waiting for a good offer, this is a really easy thing to do if your save your points and look for a good deal on a pricer item.

Collecting Points
I can honestly say I don't think I have ever used my Boots points, so they had accumulated to over £15. I don't really shop at Boots all that much either so if you wait for the right times to buy everyday products such as on triple points days and with bonus points vouchers, it is probably quite easy to accumulate a vast amount of points.

Looking for Deals
Over the Valentines/ Mother's Day period this 100ml bottle was on offer for £14.99 down from £38.50. Buying a pricier item when on sale means you get more value for your points. There's nothing better than walking out of a shop with almost £40 worth of product totally free.

What's the best thing you have traded your Boots points in for?

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