Sunday, April 5, 2015

Weight Loss | Myfitnesspal App

Hi, I am by no means over weight but with summer around the corner I wanted to lose a few spare pounds still hanging around from Christmas. I've been calorie counting and taking walks when ever I can to help me do this. My plan is to lose about 7 pounds and to tone my stomach. To help me count calories I downloaded the myfitnesspal app, it's a real eye opener when it comes to hidden calories you don't even consider. You set your daily calorie goal, default is 1200 and keep track by scanning bar codes on product packaging or finding generic nutritional information.

I'm yet to see a difference because I haven't stuck to it 100% due to eating out and just being bad. Where possible I'm cooking from scratch with fresh ingredients, which gives you a lot more control of the calories in your food. I'm also being more selective of the foods I want to eat knowing that what I make has to fill me and be super tasty. There is nothing worse than eating salad after salad. I have cut my portion size but I don't feel hungry for it which I am rather shocked about, but its a pleasant surprise.

The app has made me reconsider what I thought was good portion control. I've cut the amount of rice or noodle I would eat and I'm still more than satisfied with my meal. I've also cut down the amount of bread I eat and am having it as a treat on the weekend to make a super yummy bacon butty. On that note I didn't have to cut stuff out of my diet completely, I just think more about the amount I eat than I did before.

I have no intention of keeping my calorie intake to only 1200 but I don't have a very active day job so in reality I do not think 2000 calories is a logical amount for me to consume on a daily basis, although very easy to do. So once I've lost my target amount of weight I'm planning on testing the amount of daily calories I should consume to maintain weight.

Although the weight loss is the main goal, I've enjoyed using the app as a means of education. We should all make more of an effort to not over consume for the good of the planet. I will never be a vegetarian but that doesn't stop me eating meat free meals for half the week, bean burgers are so nice. I'm currently trying to find a recipe I can adapt to make a low calorie pizza base.

Would you consider using an app to help lose weight?

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