Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spring Capsule Wardrobe | H&M

With Spring around the corner I decided to look into the concept of a capsule wardrobe. I'm a bit of a shop-alcoholic, Primark is my down fall, but I figured this would be a good way to stop unnecessary purchases and maybe show me a few gaps in my current spring clothes.

The idea is to pick a number of items around the 35 piece mark and style them multiple ways to create a capsule wardrobe. Keeping a colour scheme seems to be key, using a mixture of neutral colours that work well together. As my wardrobe is mainly black/grey I figured this was the best place to start.

I have used H&M for the entire capsule wardrobe as I might do some for a few different high street stores and compare trends and budgets. I have kept the colour scheme very neutral in order to make the pieces as versatile as possible. My selection contains 35 items and comes to a grand total of £483.65 (If my calculations are correct). All the piece I have chosen can be worn all year round but the hints of pale pink in some items is my attempt at the spring trend with the pop of pastel colour.

I have tried to select as many similar items to ones I already own to illustrate to myself that I have more than enough clothes. I feel that I need to maybe buy a few key pieces and I will be ready for the spring season. This was a fun way to see all the different varieties of clothing items together to inspire me to try new ways of mixing the items I already own to create some new outfit ideas.

Shop the capsule wardrobe
Jeans - Grey £14.99 | Light Blue £14.99 | Black £7.99 | Blue £14.99
Dresses - White patterned £12.99 | Black Patterned £14.99 | Striped £14.99 | Lace £14.99
Coats - Long Jacket £29.99 | Biker Jacket £29.99 | Denim Jacket £24.99
Tops - Grey Sleeveless £9.99 | Cropped Stripped £3.99 | Chevron £7.99 | Stripped £6.99 | Black £5.99 | Long Sleeved £7.99
Shoes - Loafers £9.99 | White Pumps £9.99 | Boots £24.99 | Ankle Boots £24.99 | Trainers £12.99
Cardigans - Long £7.99 | 3/4 Sleeve £9.99
Skirts - Black £7.99 | Pink £24.99
Shorts - Grey £12.99 | Blue £7.99
Jumpers - Ripped £14.99 | White £7.99
Bags - Backpack £24.99 | Shoulder Bag £7.99
Play Suite - Patterned £12.99
Hat - Fedora £14.99
Sun Glasses - Mirrored £5.99

 What would your key items be in your own capsule wardrobe?

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