Saturday, February 25, 2017

Pros and Cons of Blogging

Hi, I’ve been having a bit of a blogging blip and haven’t posted all month. I feel very guilty about this and my blog has never been far from my mind. It’s amazing how fast a couple of weeks can slip by. While I’ve not been very active online I’ve been trying to get my act together behind the scenes so I’m at least a little ahead and I plan to make March a much more active month. I don't have any intention of giving up blogging any time soon but I put together a list of pros and cons about blogging to weigh up if it's worth stressing over.

Pros and Cons of Blogging


It’s a very creative outlet
Blogging as a hobby is a great way to keep creative, the constant need for ideas and putting together of posts fulfills my creative side.

Get to connect with lovely like minded people
The blogging community is a really lovely one and friendships are waiting to be made.

It’s inspiring and motivational
Reading other blogs is so inspiring and blogging gives me motivation to do more.

Pushes me to make more of my time
Blogging requires content so I try to make the most of my time to actually have something to talk about, since starting blogging I read so much more.

Can be heard by a large audience
If you have something your passionate about you can openly talk about it and educate others.

Looks great on a CV
Blogging shows that you have a wide skill set that in most cases are really relevant to working roles.


Hard work
Blogging is without a doubt a huge commitment, it takes up a lot of time and requires a lot of effort. 

Living life online can be an invasion
This varies depending on how much you put online but blogging can be an invasion on the boundaries of offline and online life. 

Requires constant attention
Blogging is never ending, but you're entitled to set your own seclude and take holidays. If your not writing a post your planning them or promoting them.

Unpopular opinions
You can't always say what you think because you might get a backlash of negativity but sometimes it's worth the risk. 

Popularity contest, number counting
While people might deny it blogging is a bit of a popularity contest and you can't help but feel bad when someone unfollows.

Overall I think the pros outweigh the cons and that is the reason that while blogging can be hard and frustrating at times it’s not a hobby I would stop any time soon. It's important to do whats right for you and work to your own goals and no one else's.

Have you been feeling conflicted about blogging?

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  1. I love blogging, but I recently had a run in with another blogger who felt I was copying their work/template and it was really disheartening for me as a creator. I spend a lot of time on my content, so this really put me off wanting to blog, but my Mum says you can't let one negative thing, out-way the positives x