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Reading Roundup | January

Hi, Okay so is it just me or did January like disappear. I can't believe it's already February and yeah it's a total clique but this last month for me pasted in a blur. With that said I do think I did well with my reading completing more than was required to stay on target for the year. I've managed to finish four books which where all so different and equally interesting.

Reading Challenge 4/35


Author -
Page Count - 352
First Published - 2014
I seem to be opting for a lot of YA that ask questions and gets you thinking and Riot is no exception. I read the blurb and wanted to read it straight away and I managed to read this book in just two days which is a bit of a record for me. I wanted to keep reading and see what was going to happen next. It’s got short chapters which moves the story on quickly and made it a really enjoyable read.

Riot starts from the perspective of Tia Thomson as she takes part in a protest against the ‘no more children in need’ bill also known as the snip bill. The welfare system is at breaking point and the government want to take action before it’s too late by curving the ongoing need for benefits. Teenagers from unprivileged backgrounds are going to be sterilised if the bill is passed by the government because of the twisted logic of those in charge.

The story makes you question who you should trust and that not everything written in black and white is necessarily true. As always I'm finding it hard to say why I enjoyed this book so much without giving away the whole plot. It contains violence and reflected on how peaceful protests can easily become riots.


Author -
Page Count - 335
First Published - 2015

This is a book I've wanted to read for a long time, I'm glad I finally got around to reading it. This is not a book you should go into lightly as the subject matter is rather dark and it's not an easy read, but it's one that I would recommend.

Pearl is an innocent 15 year old girl who lives at Seed, a secluded place where a big family all live together. They worship nature and their leader Papa S. Seed is all Pearl has ever known of the world and she is happy. One day a family from the outside come to live at Seed and forces Pearl to question the world she knows when a boy called Ellis tells her of the realities which contradict her teachings.

It was scary to read about life in a cult because it shows how easy it is to brainwash people and then to condition the younger generations by keeping them secluded and under educated. I'm looking forward to reading Lisa Heathfield's other book Paper Butterflies.

Radio Silence

Author -
Page Count - 410
First Published - 2016

I have mixed feelings about Radio Silence as on some levels I really connected with the story but then on other issues it just seemed drawn out and missed the point it was trying to make. It might be the classic maybe I'm too old for YA fiction now but overall I enjoyed this book.

The main character Frances is an A star pupil and that is what she's known for within her school. At home she's a super fan of a podcast called Radio Silence for which she spends her time creating secret fan art. Her two personalities never mix until she becomes friends with Aled the boy who lives across the street.

The story looks into the idea that you don't need to get amazing grades to have a future in this world. That being true to what you really want is after all more important than the ideas that people might have for your future. I think it would be a great book to read if you feel pressured about going into further educations.

The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir*

Author - Lesley Allen
Page Count - 352
First Published - 2016

This book was rather heart breaking, it's the story of Biddy Weirs childhood and it was a pretty terrible one, all because of one girl and an unfortunate start in life. Biddy was bullied for the age of 10 when the new girl Alison started at her school and decided to make it her mission to make Biddy pay because she didn't swoon at her like everyone else, she singled her out from the start as a weirdo.

Biddy lived alone with her older than average father after her mother left shortly after her birth. With no female role models Biddy was left behind in the way of fashion and many things a girl her age would find totally normal. This caused her to look and act differently and so she was an easy target.

I loved this book because it felt so real and the bullying was written so well that you couldn't help but want to reach out to biddy and help her. I loved the way the book was written as it starts at the end then goes back to the beginning to tell you the story of how she came to be in that situation. While the book is sad the ending left me feeling satisfied that there's such a thing as karma.

What have you been reading?

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