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November Reading Roundup | Book Reviews

Hi, Today I've got another round up of what I've been reading this month. I've really been putting in the hours as the year is drawing to a end and I'm still a little way from my yearly reading goal. I've managed to read four books, one of which being this months #Sassybooks pick 'The Miseducation of Cameron Post' by Emily M. Danforth.

The Hundred-Year-Old Man 
Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Author -
Page Count - 396
First Published - 2012

Allan Karlsson is a very old man, on the day of his 100th birthday he climbs out of the window of the care home where he lives and goes on an adventure. He heads to the local bus station to see where he can go and ends up with a suitcase full of money. The story is told from the perspective of Allen but from his younger and older self in parallel. His present is light hearted and a tale of the suitcase, friendship and running for the police. His past however is much deeper, his life a connection of events deep routed in politics where he was always in the right place at the wrong time. I found this a little confusing as the chapters are really long and it took me a while to remember what had happened previously in both time zones. 

I think the style of writing works for the book, his past does have a big influence on the present and I liked how both elements of the story drew to an end at the same time. I enjoyed reading about the life of this old man, he has a big story to tell but I think these elements where a little drawn out, the fact that everything goes so smoothly for him gets a little boring, I much preferred reading about his present adventure and seeing how that would eventually end.

The Fault in Our Stars
Author - John Green
Page Count - 313
First Published - 2012

I think just about everyone knows this story, I saw the film and really fell for this love story. Hazel is a teenager living with cancer, the kind where it's under control for now but she feels like a ticking time bomb of unstoppable grief at the event of her death. One day at Support group she meets Augustus a cancer survivor. From the moment they meet he does not hide his interest in Hazel and they become friends, the only thing stopping them becoming more is hazel's fear of causing even more grief.

The story is set around Hazels favourite book which has a sudden cliff hanger ending, she wants anwsers from the author about what happens to the people left behind, this leads her and Augustus on a journey to Amsterdam. I enjoyed this book even more than the film, it's such an easy read that just carries you along with the couple on their journey. I finished it in only two days as it's a real page turner and even though I knew how sad this story is it got me emotional all over again.

Author - Jeff VanderMeer
Page Count - 341
First Published - 2014

The second installment in the southern reach trilogy. Unlike most trilogies where you feel like you are reacquainted with an old friend 'Authority' is like starting a completely new book. The first installment 'Annihilation' is set within area X but this book is set within the government organization building trying to work out what area X is from the perspective of a totally new character.

The story follows Control as he try's to unravel the mysteries of area X with the limited information they have available. The author writes in a very descriptive way that draws out simple elements of the story into much longer sequences which makes the story a little drawn out. A few questions are answered from the first book only to create new ones. This isn't a series I've really enjoyed so far I just hope it all ties together with the final book to make it worth the effort.

 Have you set yourself a reading goal?

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  1. I always wanted to read The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared (had to copy the title here, because it's so long!). My mum read it a few years ago and really liked it. If I don't forget I will give it a read when I get home for Christmas because I'm pretty sure she has the book so I don't have to buy it!
    And I also enjoyed The Fault in out Stars movie and I think I want to read the book one day, I just think I want to have a little bit more time in between. I saw the film about a year ago and I don't want the memory influence my reading, if that makes any sense at all!

  2. The One Hundred Year Old Man sounds really interesting, definitely something I think I would enjoy. This is the second time I've heard of it through a blog, and I keep thinking it sounds good so I really should pick it up! John Green's writing style is one of my favourites for casual reading! I think I got through TFiOS in about the same amount of time as you. I wish I had found his books when I was a teenager.


  3. Interesting books, the One-Hundred Year Old Man one sounds really good, I'd love to read it - I love the clever use of bringing in past and present into a book (even if sometimes it's a bit confusing) and the whole plot sounds really lovely. I wasn't a fan of Fault In Our Starts myself, having never seen the film I was told to read it by two of my best friends but I found it a bit boring and depressing - but I am a fan of John Green as I really enjoyed reading Papertowns.

    JosieVictoriaa // // Lifestlye, Travel and Fashion

  4. I really loved The Fault in Our Stars, I really want to see the film to see how it compares!

  5. These are all really great books, I actually just recently finished reading Authority by Jeff VanderMeer. And yes I love to set a goal to read certain number of books each year.

    XO, Ruth Sarai

  6. I read The Hundred Year old Man a few moths ago and I absolutely loved it! I actually preferred reading about his past, unlike you but I thought the whole thing was a real page turner.

    Bethany | Curly and Wordy

  7. I hope to read "The Fault In Our Stars" very soon♥

  8. The hundred year old man sounds really interesting although I can see myself getting a bit confused as you did haha. Oh and I love The Fault In Our Stars, such a touching story and I love how the film does the book justice xx

  9. I still haven't read the Fault in our Stars, I know it's meant to be good but I think it will just make me too weepy!! x

    Jasmin Charlotte