Monday, June 6, 2016

25 Summer Goals

Hi, I believe it's now officially British summer time. This weekend it finally felt like the weather wanted to get into the summer season after as unseasonably cold week. I sat in the garden trying to get some colour into my milk bottle white skin, but with no luck as I just don't tan. I've decided that to make the most of the coming months I'd set myself some summer focused goals.

25 Summer Goals

  1. Eat outdoors (Picnic/BBQ)
  2. Go for a walk in the countryside
  3. Go Camping
  4. Read a lot
  5. Blow bubbles
  6. Visit a park
  7. Make Ice lollies
  8. Watch a Sunset
  9. Buy some fresh flowers
  10. Wear a flower crown
  11. Visit a beer garden
  12. Use my Passport
  13. Make time to relax
  14. Go on a boat trip
  15. Make cocktails
  16. Visit a beach
  17. Have a day out with friends
  18. Attempt a creative project
  19. Make a daisy chain
  20. Take more photos
  21. Have a technology free day
  22. Keep my blog active
  23. Try a smoothie recipe
  24. Eat ice cream
  25. Try more meat free options
I plan on having lots of fun this summer and a much needed relaxing break from work. I'll have time to travel and do lots of reading. I wanted to add a few simple things and a few gratitude goals to prompt myself to make the most of my time and the nice weather.
Do you have any summer goals?

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  1. I'm so jealous you guys have summer. I'm in Australia on the other side of the world and our winter has finally hit. It gets so cold so quick at night now and we just had a weekend of hectic rain.

    Your goals make me miss the sunshine even more than I already was, haha. but great post! xx.


  2. Those goals all sound fantastic for summer! My biggest goals are to get outside more, especially when I work during the day, and to seriously cut down on the heavy, unhealthy foods (I find it so easy to indulge in the chillier weather!). Now please share some of your nice weather, haha ;)


  3. These are great summer goals! I'm loving the warm and sunny weather right now. Yesterday I watched the sunset at the beach with a friend and it was just beautiful!
    Patti Shifting Tales

  4. I love how simple yet wonderful these ideas are! From blow bubbles to visiting the beach, this list is summer <3 I hope you have a great holiday-- you deserve it! xX

  5. These look fun, i bet i can do couple of them myself too c: