Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Monthly Mini Goals - June

Hi, This year is going by too quickly! June is going to be a month of forward planning for all the things that take place at the beginning of July including lots of Birthdays and my annual camping trip to York. Added to this I've got a whole load of work related deadlines to complete before I can relax on my holiday so wish me luck. All in all I need to get myself super organised this month which can only be a good thing.

Mini goals for June
  • Vote in the EU Referendum
  • Go for a walk/Get outdoors
  • Get my blog organisation together
  • Buy birthday presents
  • Eat healthy
  • Get everything sorted for my camping trip
  • Do an outfit post
  • Have a date night
  • Do something creative
  • Set my Summer goals

I don't know about you but a birthday at the beginning of a month always seems to catch up unaware, I fall into the trap of thinking oh but it's next month. This year I intent to be a lot more organised and buying something in the next few weeks for the Boyfriend, Mum and Sister (sorry bank balance). I'm thinking I should work on eating a little more healthily this month to allow for all the birthday cake that will be eaten in a few weeks time.

I also need to look through the camping gear and check that everything is fine and what we need to stock up on before our trip. The boyfriend got a new car since our last trip and it's boot space is pretty small, it will be interesting to see if everything fits (fingers crossed). I don't want my blog to grind to halt when I go on holiday so I'm going to try and get some content ready.

I'm going to vote in the EU Referendum but I still have no idea which way to vote which is pretty daunting. Fun goals include being creative, going on a date night and spending some time outdoors which I should do more especially with the weather being a lot nicer this time of year.

Do you have anything nice planed this month?

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  1. Camping sounds a lot of fun, I don't think I've been on a proper camping trip since I was a child. The only times I slept in a tent was on festivals since then, and that doesn't count as camping! :) Maybe I should try it again this summer.
    I'm also happy to read that you will vote in the referendum. Nevertheless the way you decide, it's always so important to take part in politics. And this referendum is such an important one. I personally hope the UK stays in the EU because I believe the benefits outweigh the negatives and we have too many other problems at the moment to focus on ;) I totally understand though that you are still uncertain. There are so many different views on the topic and it can be hard to see where you stand.
    Patti Shifting Tales

  2. I've got nothing planned for June which is kind of sad in a way, definitely need to up my game there!

  3. A camping trip sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you have a wonderful month <3

  4. Great post!! Such a fun read

    Jessica |