Saturday, June 25, 2016

Lush Haul

Hi, Last Sunday I took a little trip into Leeds with my family to go for some food and a few drinks in the city center to celebrate Father’s day. I’m really lucky that it’s only a 20 minuet train ride away so I get to hang out in this amazing city quite often. One thing my home town is missing is a Lush store so whenever I get the chance I have a little stock up on bath time goodies (I need to branch out and try some of the skincare range but I fear for my bank balance).

I bought four bath bombs and almost popped a Brightside bubble bar in my basket but I still have some bubble bar left so resisted. I’d been roughly counting up the price and expected £12 only it was more like £15 and I'm not going to lie I felt a little ill at how much I’d just spent on bath bombs (totally worth it but ouch). I’ll stop rambling and share what I bought with you, expect reviews of the following at some point in the near future.

Sakura Blooming lovely

This bomb is named after the Japanese cherry blossom tree which it was inspired by. It's a subtle pink bath bomb with these interesting looking green crystals on top. I'm really into anything Japanese inspired so this bomb was high on my list of ones to try. I've heard mixed reviews about the overall aesthetic of this bomb so I can't wait to review it. Containing a mixture of calming Mimosa and Jasmine oils which are complimented by the mixture of Lemon and Orange flower oil to evoke the feeling of the start of spring.

Twilight – Let the sun set on worries

Another bomb I was drawn to because of it's point of inspiration. Lush bath bombs that are inspired by the nights sky and the universe are some of the pretties once in the tube so I had to pick up a Twilight bomb to give ago. This bomb is designed to help you sleep with a mixture of calming and relaxing ingredients including Lavender oil and Ylang Ylang oil.

Lava Lamp – Groovy Baby

I was really excited to the see that lava lamp had been released nationwide for Fathers day as I believe it was an Oxford exclusive until then. I think this is a really interesting looking bomb and something male Lush fans would probably opt for. The name perfectly explains this bath bomb as once it's in the water the purple discs of essential oils melt and create a lava lamp effect on the water. It smells amazingly fresh and very much of citrus because of the Tangerine and Orange flower Oil.

Big Blue – Float Your Cares Away

Amongst all the new bath bombs I wanted to pick up an old favourite so I chose a Big Blue. This is one of the best bombs I've used for actually making my skin feel amazing afterwards. Inspired by the sea this bomb contains kelp (which might sounds a bit gross) and fine sea salt but this bomb really works. It's not just pretty it also has health benefits from all the lovely minerals within the kelp.

Have you tried any of these bath bombs? Which is your favourite?

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  1. Haha I get that feeling too, I fear for my bank balance the moment I walk into Lush xD The Sakura bath bomb looks stunning! I'd love to try Twilight some day too, sounds like the perfect one for a night bath :)

    Claire xx

  2. I feel like I'm perhaps the only one, and I whisper this ever so quietly, but I've never stepped foot in a Lush store... Literally last week was the first time I purchased from Lush and that was via the site. I didn't buy the much loved bath bombs though; I picked up the Cosmetic Warrior face mask in a bid to help with some spot issues I have. I didn't add a couple of the bath bombs to my basket, but left them behind in the end because they sure do add up!! I'll definitely treat myself at some point though.

    Look forward to your thoughts on the Sakura bath bomb because that's one I had my eye one.

  3. I am obsessed with Lush, but I hear you on the price tag... ouch. Looks like you picked some winners though <3 can't wait to try the Sakura bomb! Xx

  4. The lava lamp bath bomb sounds amazing! I love everything that smells of orange! But I totally understand your feeling about paying so much for it! I always feel quite sick too when I spent a lot of money on stuff like that!
    Patti Shifting Tales

  5. I love Big Blue! Its scent is so nice, and the colour is lovely :) Sakura is one of the first bombs I'd ever tried and it is nice, but it was a bit disappointing when you're expecting something colourful or sparkly for your new experience, haha. I've wanted to try out Lava Lamp, it looks really cool!


  6. Yes!!! Got to love Lush - such a great brand with so many beautiful products :)

    Layla xx