Friday, May 29, 2015

Straighteners | Remington Shine Therapy Set

Hi, My straighteners broke the other day and then I had a mad rush to research for a replacement. My broken ones where Remington and they have never let me down, until I broke the wire while transporting them from A to B. After many hours of looking in general for deals and recommended sets I opted to stay with Remington. The main reason was while researching they where the only brand I could find that state their lowest heat setting. I found this Shine Therapy set including a pair of straighteners and two brushes on offer at better than half price.


The set includes a round brush for volume/soft curls and a paddle brush for straight styling, the brushes are available to buy separately. Both brushes are infused with micro conditioners.

Listed features of Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners
  • 15 Second heat up
  • 9 Temperatures 150°C-230°C
  • Digital display
  • Floating plates for even pressure
  • 60 Minuet auto shut off
  • Plate lock for storage
  • Temperature lock
  • Heat resistant pouch
  • Micro conditioner infused plates

Other features I like
  • Curved shape - curls
  • Long wire - flexible
  • Light up display

I think they might take a little bit of getting use too, but I'm sure once I have forgotten the feel of my old straighteners these will be just fine. They seem to have all the normal features of a good pair of straighteners with the added bonus of a back-lit digital display. I don't think they would be worth the full price tag but at £40 they are a bargain. They glide through my hair and straighten it with ease at the lowest heat setting of a mere 150°C.

The whole set is sold around the idea of creating shinier hair, all three products are infused with micro conditioners, time will tell if this makes a difference. I think overall for the discounted price this is a really nice starter set for younger teens who are just getting into the idea of hair straightening. They have plenty of safety features and the super low heat of 150°C should stop major heat damage to the hair.

Which straighteners do you use?

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  1. It does sound like a good starter kit, and will be interesting to see with the infused micro conditioner makes your hair shinier!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog