Friday, May 15, 2015

New Dr Martens | Mermaid Feet

Hi, lets all take a second to admire this wonderful creation by Dr Martens. These are probably a love/hate item, but still you can't deny they are something else. I have many pairs of Dr Martens boots but this pair is by far the most elaborate pair I own, I'm 100% in love with them. I have Peaches at Stylepeaches to thank for these beauties. She posted an ootd featuring them a while ago, I loved them but they where full price and I couldn't part with that much money. Roll on a few months and I found the saved post and now I am the very happy owner of this amazing pair of boots. They where on sale at £70 down from £105.

Dr Martens | Pascal Boots Mirror Shift Suede

The classic 1460 8 eyelet style, made from a super soft lilac suede upper with the metallic fish scale pattern on top. All of the classic yellow stitching has been replaced by black. The shimmery colour transition from pink, yellow to green is so pretty and mega eye catching. I can't wait to get loads of wear out of these, I need to think of good ways to incorporate them into my wardrobe, I'm definitely going to stand out in a crowd. 

What do you think?

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