Sunday, May 31, 2015

Festival Survival Kit #1 | Outfits

Hi, I'm going to do a mini series on my version of a festival survival kit, I've been to Download and Leeds Festival, so I have a little experience and have come up with some tips to help you pack for any festivals you maybe going to. It's an experience waiting to happen, just remember to have fun and keep safe.

To start off this series I'm focusing on festival outfits. The problem with a British festival is you have to plan for all types of weather. I've been during heat waves and also five days of constant drizzle. Everyone wants to look as stylish as possible, but more importantly you should dress to look after yourself.

I normally pack a fresh outfit for everyday, consisting of a t-shirt, shorts and a pair of tights. This way even if you can't bring yourself to use the showers you feel a little refreshed and ready for another day, also if it rains the whole weekend you've got a nice dry outfit waiting for you. Pros of this outfit combo are you don't get too hot, it dries quickly if you get stuck in the rain and it's smaller and lighter to pack so can fit more in to your backpack.

At night it gets cold, so a hat and gloves are a must even if it's just for when you're sleeping. Also hats are amazing for those morning toilets trips before you've had time to fully wake up.

Dr Martens boots or similar are a good footwear choice but don't go wreaking them. Buy a cheaper alternative if you don't have an old weathered pair as you'll end up wrecking them. They are a good choice because they are super comfy and the bouncy sole technology looks after your feet. Also if it's muddy they don't get stuck in the mud and fall off like wellies do.

Extra socks, this is only really an issue if it's muddy, but with my experience that's more than normal. Wear two pairs at once, pull one up to keep your legs warm pull the other down over your laces. If the mud is deep it gets all over the laces and makes it impossible to remove your boots without using a whole pack of wet wipes to clean the mud from your hands after. Doing this with the socks means you can remove your socks to reveal totally mud free laces.

Take a jumper, I'd normally take a hoodie and wear it down to save room in my bag. Again this is important because even if there is a heat wave during the day once the sun goes down it gets cold. Consider taking a thin cardigan or kimono as well for during the day to keep your skin out of direct sunlight.

Other optional extras you may want to take with you to finish off your festival look are a floral crown and a pair of sunglasses. Remember not to take anything you might regret ruining.

My festival packing list based on early entry ticket
  • Shorts x5
  • T-shirt x5
  • Tights x5
  • Socks x10
  • Underwear x5
  • Spare Bra
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Hoodie
  • Cardigan/Kimono
  • Dr Martens/Similar
  • Floral Head Crown
  • Sunglasses
Hope this is helpful, have I missed anything?

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  1. I wish I could go to festivals, they seem amazing. Reading/Leeds and Glastonbury are the dream. Dr Martens are just perfect! You should go to festivals in Australia, it's all sun sun sun hahaha x

  2. I need all of these things for Field Day on Saturday!

    Kristy x