Thursday, November 24, 2016

9 Things To Do For Your Blog When You Don't Feel Like Writing

Hi, We all have those days where we have time to blog but writing a post just doesn't feel like something you want to do or the words just won't form. A blog requires many elements to reach it's full potential, while your posts are what make your blog there's a lot of behind the scenes things you can do to improve your blog.

9 Things To Do For Your Blog When You Don't Feel Like Writing

Brain Storm Ideas
A reason you don't want to blog maybe a lack of ideas or a lack of clarity of how to write a certain post. Brainstorming ideas gives you the chance to step back and take note of things inspiring you at that moment. Alternatively they can help you give extra depth to an idea you already have.

One of my main issues is not having photos ready to publish a post. By getting creative with props on days when you feel like doing something else you could make yourself some stock images. You could also use you brainstorm to take photos of products you want to review at a later date.

Add Widgets
Widgets are a great way to add some personality to your blog by linking to other social media accounts. Alternatively you could add widgets that make your blog easier to navigate or link to a featured post.

Check For Broken links
Something I need to do a lot more often but a super simple fix once you use a broken link finder. Just google blog broken link checker, enter your blog url and have some fun exploring your old posts.

Add/Update Post Labels
Blog post labels are designed to help people find your post by adding keywords that sum up the content of the post. Go back over your posts and add or group labels, grouping posts means you can add a quick link on your blog to all the same themed posts.

Blog Promotion
One of the biggest things you should do once you've written a killer post is to make sure as many people as possible will see it. You can use sites like Buffer to schedule posts in advance and don't be afraid to link back to old relevant posts too.

Update Old Posts
Something you wrote last year might be just as relevant today so why not go back and update the post to your current standard and show it off.

Link Old Posts
A blog post idea for days when you don't want to write a whole post is to link back to your old favourite post and get some traffic flowing to old posts. You could do a lush review roundup for example.

Improve Your SEO
I still find SEO (search engine optimization) a little intimidating but as a blogger it's worth learning the basics so your posts are search engine friendly. Using keywords in your title and naming images to compliment the post is a good starting point.

I hope that these points are helpful and getting you thinking about any improvements you can make to your blog or help you prepare for future posts. If you're still not feeling like working on your blog don't worry about it and take the time away to be inspired.

What do you do for your blog on none writing days?

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  1. This is a great list, when I don't feel like writing posts I usually like to brainstorm photography ideas because it's completely different to writing.

  2. SEO is indeed intimidating and I rely on Yoast SEO to help out with this. Have you used it before?

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    Looking Beyond The Cover
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