Saturday, November 26, 2016

Visiting The Harry Potter Studios

Hi, Harry Potter is a big thing right? Even if you haven’t read the books there’s a good chance you grew up watching the films about the wizarding world. A few weeks ago now I jumped on a package coach trip by National Holidays with my family to finally visit the Harry Potter studios.

I have a rather funny story which at the time was so annoying. The Harry Potter studio is the perfect place to take photos and guess what I did, I left my battery that I had been charging that morning in the charger. I didn’t realise my mistake until moments before we started the tour so I didn’t have time to go get it. Because of this daft moment all the photos in this post are curtsy of my mum (Thanks mum).

The first part of the tour is the great hall minus the enchanted sky, which made it look so strange. It took me a little while to get my head around the fact that these where the real sets and not replicas of sets. There are photo opportunities throughout the tour and so much stuff to see. The level of detail on the sets is mind blowing, you could easily get caught up in it all.

The studio was celebrating the 15th anniversary of the philosopher's stone film being released at the time of my visit so they had a demonstration of the visual effect of the letters flying through the letter box of 4 privet drive. We even got to take away a replica letter.

We couldn't go to the Harry Potter studios and not try some of the famous butter bear (which we where told is only sold in four places in the world). We chose to get the souvenir steins as another little reminder of our visit. I don't want to spoil the taste of butter beer in case you get the chance to try it in the future but I will say that it's one of the weirdest combinations I've ever tried, it was nice though.

The massive miniature Hogwarts was enchanting. There was so much detail but it was so weird knowing that that was how Hogwarts was created and animated.

The Gift shop was full of so many things, it was a fans wildest dreams. It was just as full of shoppers too so it was a bit of a squeeze to look around. I didn't know what I wanted to buy, I finally decided to buy a wand because why not. My only issue was which to pick, I personally didn't want Harry's wand for example so opted for Dumbledore's wand as it has double reference also being the Elder wand and the boyfriend chose Sirius's wand, the gift shop is expensive.

I wouldn't call myself a super fan but I really enjoyed seeing some of the behind the scenes pieces and being in that environment. I'm really looking forward to going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them over Christmas, it looks amazing.

Have you been to the Harry Potter studios? or would like to go?

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  1. I recently went to the studio tour as well and found it amazing! You're so right about the level of detail, it really is impressive. I loved the taste of Butterbeer but would definitely agree that it's a bit odd - I think that's why my other half didn't think much of it! I ended up buying a scarf and chocolate frog...I would've bought more but it really was super expensive! x

  2. That's so cool! I always wanted to see the Harry Potter studios! It sounds like you had a really lovely day! It must be so interesting to see where they've actually been filming. And I think I would totally have bought a wand too. The idea of waving it around and pretending to cast a spell is just too tempting! :D
    I've also just seen Fantastic Beasts and it was amazing. Hope you'll enjoy it too!
    Patti Shifting Tales