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Reading Roundup | December Book Reviews

Hi, I did it I completed my pledged 35 books and today I'm sharing my reviews of the last three books of 2016. I'm aiming for 35 books again this year so I need to get reading. If you want to know what my favourite books of last year where check out my post 2016 In Books | My Favourite Books This Year.

December Reading Roundup - Year Book Count 35!

The Big Lie

Author -
Page Count - 323
First Published - 2015  

I have a habit of coming across books on Goodreads liking the synopsis and then forgetting what they are about but knowing that I want to read it. On my last visit to my local library I picked out 'The Big Lie' which is basically a story asking what if the Nazi's had won the war and Britain was now part of the Greater German Reich.

Jessika Keller is a good girl with the perfect life set out in front of her. Jessika is naive, believing everything she is told. She follows rules to the tee and is forced to choose where her loyalties stand on a daily basis. One of the more unexpected plot lines was Jessika's forbidden sexuality, this story has strong LGBT themes. Her ultimate sacrifice is who does she stand by? her family, her best friend or her country.

The concept for the story is not new but the way it's told from a young females perspective is. Maybe I loved this book so much because I wasn't expecting to, the subject really got me thinking. It's a while after reading this book that I'm writing this review and the story is still with me. I'd really recommend that you put it on your 2017 TBR.


Author -
Page Count - 356
First Published - 2011
I have mixed feeling about this book, it was neither good or bad I just didn't connect with the characters or the story. I picked 'Lament' and it's follow up 'Ballad' back in March from a charity shop. If I saw them now I'd leave them behind as I know that I just can't read supernatural romance books anymore.

The books romance is very close to that of Bella in Twilight. The female character in this case named Dee just can't help but be attracted to Luke. Dee is a cloverhand which means she can see faeries. One day Luke turns up and everything she knew about her world changes, it comes to light that Luke is really an assassin sent to murder her.

My issue with the story was that nothing was every really explained, a lot of faerie related terminology is used but then not expanded on. Dee is all too ready to just accept the faerie realm like it's a normal occurrence. There are unexplained connections between characters which just annoyed me as why even have them if there's no meaning behind it. Overall it was a quick read and not unreadable but I'm not rushing to read 'Ballad'.

The Hogfather

Author -
Page Count - 445
First Published - 1996
Well this is a weird book to review as I've already got an idea about the characters and the city of Ankh-Morpork for reading previous disc world books. I don't know if I'd have enjoyed it as much if I didn't know Pratchett's writing style. It's a good stand alone book with enough relatable subject matter referring to Christmas and the general festive feeling that the story is easy to follow.

Someone has hired an assassin to rid the world of The Hogfather so Death has donned his red suit to remind the humans about their need to believe. Pratchett's books are well known for there dark humor and this book is no exception. I'm going to see if I can find the televised version to compare.

What's the first book of the New Year you're reading?

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  1. I have the same issue of reading synopses on Goodreads and forgetting what they are about, haha.

    The Big Lie sounds like an absolutely fantastic book; definitely on my TBR! I don't know what I'll be reading yet, but I've been getting tonnes of suggestions to read A Court of Thorns and Roses, so perhaps that shall be my first!


  2. Hey, congrats on reaching your goal! I have the problem of reading quick reviews or synopses on blogs but then not bothering to write the titles or put them on a Goodreads shelf, haha. The Big Lie sounds really interesting! I will be putting that in Goodreads... now ;) And right now I'm (still, still, still) reading Jane Eyre, and I started Bridget Jones's Diary :)

    Erin | Explore, Refresh

  3. Lovely post Sam, I always enjoy your book related content. I’ve never read a Terry Pratchett novel before, but my Mum has always been into books by him. It’s fun to see there was one with Christmas themes. My first book of 2017 was ‘What Light’ by Jay Asher, a quick, sweet read about a girl on a Christmas tree farm. I gave it 4/5 stars as the characters and romance were engaging. :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog