Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Monthly Mini Goals - March

Hi, I'm going to use this post for a quick catch up. Firstly a massive thank you for sticking with my little blog over the quiet period. I'm really trying to get back into blogging, my time management is all over the place. I also want to say a big thank you to all you lovely people who followed while I wasn't even blogging. I was so worried that I'd lose people, instead my followers have increased which has made me so happy and made me want to get back to blogging even more. So here are my monthly goals for the month ahead. I'm going to be posting as much as possible but I'm not promising anything.

Mini goals for March
  • Find a new favourite recipe
  • Donate some stuff to Charity
  • Finally move into the bigger bedroom
  • Read 3 books
  • Write a post about 50 happy things
  • Have an awesome Birthday
  • Take more photos
  • Go for a walk
  • Buy daffodils
  • Go to a super yummy restaurant

    I enjoy cooking and eating something made from scratch is the best, I tent to make the same things over and over so I want to try something new. My storage is being pushed to the limit so I could do with a bit of a clear out and I'll donate as much as possible. I've got the perfect opportunity if I'm going to finally move into the bigger bedroom as I'll have to move everything anyway.

    I've realised how precious photos are and that I really need to take more of the people I hold dear, as well as all those lovely sunrises. This leads to me wanting to do a '50 things that make me happy' post, I could do with the reminder. I need to try to read at least 3 books to keep on track of my yearly goal, I'd love to take part in #Sassybook again.

    My birthday is 6th March (gotta share it with mother's day this year) so not long at all, I've got a weekend in York planned which I can't wait for. I love to put a few goals I know I'll complete like the restaurant one, I've got a table booked at the local Thai, I've been there for my birthday the past six years. I might not have to buy daffodils because all my family know they are my favourite flower, they're just so sunny and happy looking and they totally say that spring is finally here.

    Have a lovely month, have you got anything special planned?

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    1. Aw, those are great goals! Your moving into a larger room/cleaning up clutter also works well with spring cleaning, too. I've always found spring cleaning a silly idea, but then found myself cleaning,haha. Plus donating to charity is always a great plan :)

      For my month I am going to plan a trip (and book said trip!). And I'm also going to do some more yoga, and if the snow and cold holds off, go for more walks :)


    2. Those are great goals! My birthday is on 4th March and I also want to have an awesome day this year! And I totally feel you on the uninspired cooking issue! I always make the same stuff, I wish I was more aventurous :D
      Patti Shifting Tales

    3. Good to see you back! :)
      I love the idea of your happy things post. I love reading posts like that xx

      Moany Mouse | Scottish Lifestyle Blog

    4. Welcome back lovely! Hope you're feeling a bit more 'yourself' now :)

      All of those are great and very achievable goals. Happy Birthday for Sunday xx


    5. It's so nice to see you back <3