Thursday, March 31, 2016

Monthly Highlights | March

Hi, My Birthday seems like a distant memory and the amount of stuff I've got done this month has made it seem really rather long. I'm glad to be finally back blogging and this month has been really enjoyable for it and all your lovely comments. I sadly didn't take part in the #sassybooks read but we will be reading 'Harry Potter and the philosopher's stone' if you would like to join in Aprils read.

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Mini goals for March 7/10
  • Find a new favourite recipe
  • Donate some stuff to Charity
  • Finally move into the bigger bedroom
  • Read 3 books
  • Write a post about 50 happy things
  • Have an awesome Birthday
  • Take more photos
  • Go for a walk
  • Buy daffodils
  • Go to a super yummy restaurant

March has been a good month. My Birthday was a lot of fun if quiet and my little trip to York was a great way to refresh. The weekend of my Birthday I won two Goodreads giveaways (coincidence?) and shortly after another one, so lucky me. I got lots of lovely presents including Lush products and a pile of books. I didn't find a new recipe simply because I've eaten out at restaurants so much this month, I'll never get bored of Yo!Sushi.

I didn't have to buy daffodils as I've had some bought for me, they make everything sunnier and are a welcome sight at the start of spring. I've moved into the bigger bedroom and now have a nice little set up for my computer (nothing fancy, just more space). I've got three massive bags of clothes to donate to charity I just need to remember to take them.

I've been better on Instagram at posting but I still need to work on taking more photos. I've wanted to go for a walk but not had time or the weather was bad and I didn't want to leave the warmth of the house (does sightseeing in York count?). I wrote my '50 things that make me happy' post which you all seemed to like and reminded me of the nice things in life. I've read the three book target I set myself, my review of these books will be up early April.


 Hope you had a lovely month, what did you get up to?

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  1. How good is that bubble bar though? LOVED it! <3 sounds like you had a great month xx

  2. I always love reading your monthly recap posts! Sounds like you had a great month and you ticked off quite a lot from your list! I understand the struggles with Instagram, I have it for nearly two years now and I still am nowhere near those perfect Instagram feeds! ;)
    Patti Shifting Tales