Sunday, March 20, 2016

Empty Casket | Investing in Sterling Silver

Hi, I finally invested in some proper jewellery, as much as I love to pick up a few simple rings from Primark ect I always end up gutted that they just don't last and look shabby in no time at all. As a result I decided it was probably in my best interest to start investing in some sterling silver pieces, which will last me for years to come.

Empty Casket Sterling Silver Ring Stag Deer
Empty Casket Sterling Silver Ring Stag Deer

Empty Casket Sterling Silver Ring Stag Deer

Empty Casket Sterling Silver Dainty Antler Skull Ring - £18.00

So what did I pick to start my new collection, well this lovely little dainty Stag skull ring from Empty Casket. I found the company via Instagram and fell in love with this ring the first time I saw it. It truly is a dainty ring and smaller than I imagined it to be but it's the perfect size. I think the price of £18 is very reasonable considering the quality of the skull cast. The ring came beautifully packaged in a box embossed with the Empty Casket logo, which in itself is beautiful. I can't wait to wear this and I'm sure it will be a firm favourite, just need to watch I don't pull every jumper I own.

 Any suggestions for other sterling silver retailers?

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This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share a great company with you.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, it's so tiny I can't help but find it cute even though it's actually rather creepy. =^-^=

  2. Wonderful and creative ring! I like statement rings but the ones that aren't too bulky!

    Heba xx || The Heba

  3. Great ring dear! Love that it is silver!
    xx Pisa

  4. That's such a fantastic ring! It covers two bases, the first that it will last, and the second that it's amazing and unique. Good choice! In my opinion, unless you're allergic to silver, silver is a great way to go with jewelry. Gold is SO expensive!


  5. Such a beautiful ring! I agree, it's much better to invest in sterling silver! They last forever and also look much nicer. I never heard of that company but I will check out their website now! I usually buy my jewellery in random places, wherever I see nice sterling silver, or I shop at Regal Rose!
    Patti Shifting Tales

  6. I love when you can find unique jewelry that is also well-made and will last!

  7. This is beautiful! I'm a big fan of Empty Casket and, as you say, it's sometimes worth investing to be able to keep it forever. BloodyMaryMetal are amazing for sterling silver pieces, I think you'd like them. Great photos Hun xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

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