Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monthly Highlights | October

Hi, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I'm off out tonight to celebrate this ghoulish time of year and will most likely be feeling sorry for myself tomorrow. I've got a few films waiting for me to help me get through my day on the sofa. I think I've done pretty well with my monthly goals this time around. I can't wait for bonfire night now and then it's time to start Christmas shopping, I really want to be organized this year.

Mini goals for October 7/10
    1. Plan a fancy dress outfit for Halloween
    2. Buy some seasonal candle
    3. Do a Lush Haul
    4. Go conker hunting/seasonal walking
    5. Buy winter stuff for my car
    6. Wear something I have forgotten about
    7. Review a board game
    8. Do some more colouring
    9. Tidy my room
    10. Read as much as possible
      So I wouldn't say I've planned my Halloween costume but at least I have an idea of what I'm going as. I'm going to be face painting myself into the half skeleton, half pin up look. It's nice and simple and looks really effective.

      This month I treated myself to some Lush goodies along with a Yankee Candle called 'Fireside Treats' which smells amazing. I also picked up some bits for my car which I'm sure will be in use within a few weeks, deicer is so good for in the morning when you really can't be bothered to scrap off the ice.

      I didn't have time for colouring because I spent so much time reading. I managed to finish five books which is madness. I also did a game review for 'Cards Against Humanity' which seems to have gone down really well.


      Have a spooky weekend!

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      1. I completely forgot about conkers and I'm gutted!
        It will have to go on next year's autumn to do list!

        I love how 'tidy my room' hasn't been done - that one always gets shoved out the way for me too ;)


        1. Even if I tidy my room it's not long before it's a mess again. I need storage solutions. Thanks for reading. =^-^=

      2. You've done really well with your monthly goals! I wish I would set myself some goals from time to time, as I think you just get so much more done! I'd also love to see more reviews on board games as I really like them!

        1. Mini goals are such a satisfying things to do and I really don't feel bad when I haven't done everything. I've got some games waiting for review, hopefully I'll get them done soon. =^-^=