Wednesday, April 6, 2016

8 Things I Love About Spring

Hi, The transitional seasons are by far my favourite times of the year. Autumn is my all time favourite but I enjoy Spring just as much for very different reasons. Spring is the sign of new beginnings and good things to come.

8 Things I Love About Spring

1. Longer Lighter Days
There is nothing better than finishing work and it still being light. It makes a huge difference driving home in daylight. I need all the Vitamin D I can get so the extra sunshine is very welcome. I feel like I can get a lot more done now and I no longer want to go to sleep at eight in the evening.

2. Flowers
After the lack of flowers over the Winter months the sight of bright happy flowers everywhere is so refreshing. My favourite type of flower is Daffodils for this very reason. They always pop up like magic with the turn in the weather.

3. Baby Animals
There are new baby animals every where, I really want to go visit the local open farm to see all the lambs and piglets. If you need a dose of cute spring is definitely the time to get it.

4. Warmer Weather
I love wearing hats and scarfs but it's refreshing to not need them to keep the chill away. After all spring is transitional and a sign we're heading in the right direction for the warmer Summer months but that slight temperature increase is so welcome.

5. New Clothes
I know I have way too many clothes already but a change in the season is all the excuse I need to stock up on some new items. Mainly flat shoes and new T-shirts that I've worn out in the past months. It's always nice to have a few items that reflect current trends or to mix up your colour pallet. 

6. Fresh Air
I like to sleep with the window open and have the fresh air circulating. In the Winter it's just too cold to keep a window open for more than a few minuets without making your home hit the minus numbers. With the slight temperature increase during the day I can finally air out my room.

7. The Promise of Summer
Each season is great for different reasons and Spring is a great reminder that Summer is on the way and then holidays will be taking place. I can't wait to go camping and read a mountain of books while having a technology break, so relaxing.

8. Extra Motivation
It's true that the Winter months can take it out of you mentally and the dose of sunshine that Spring brings is just the thing for the extra motivation and happiness kick I needed.

What is your favourite part of Spring?

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  1. Ah, so many of these are my favourite parts of spring, haha! Having the window open is always a nice change, especially after a long, Canadian winter. Suddenly everything feels fresh and new when you've got sweet, fresh air coming into your room. And having flowers pop up is amazing, as well! I like the idea of baby animals, but I never see them, haha. As for more daylight hours, I have a story. I would get so behind on work once the sunlight hours got longer while in school. I got used to starting work in the dark during winter, so in the spring it would feel too early to do work, even if it were 7:00 at night. If it was bright I wasn't ready to start. It was bad, haha!

    I hope you're getting a bit of spring!


  2. The transitional seasons are my favourites as well! I think I love autumn a little bit more than spring, but it's so nice when it's finally light and bright outside again!
    Patti Shifting Tales

  3. I've been enjoying opening the windows and getting a bit of fresh air too <3

  4. I am a HUGE lover of spring <3 I love all of your list, not forgetting spring cleaning! Sad, I know but I love to organise everything- it's like a fresh start <3