Saturday, April 9, 2016

Trying Something New | Apple and Elderflower Whittard Tea

Hi, When I visited York we stopped off in the Whittard tea shop. The boyfriend was looking for a posh tea brew and told me to pick something for myself as a Birthday treat. I'm normally a green tea drinker and decided to pick something a little sweeter opting for this blend of Apple and Elderflower.

Whittard No.13
Apple and Elderflower Flavoured Fruit infusion
25 teabags - £5.00

'A richly rustic blend with autumnal flavours of apple, elderflower and a rustle of rose'

I'm so glad I chose this tea as it's something different and so so yummy. The packaging makes me feel like I'm having something really special. All the teabags are individually wrapped for freshness. You can also buy this as a loose tea blend but I figured bags where less messy if I take them to work. It takes 3-5 minuets to brew to it's full potential and turns the most vivid shade of red. I'm not a brand snob and generally always buy supermarket own brand so this was a nice change. The bags work out at only 20p each, which doesn't sound like much but would get expensive over along period of time. I think these boxes would make a lovely gift for the tea lovers in your life.

What's your favourite flavour of tea?

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  1. I really need to start experimenting with tea more! I've only ever had peppermint tea (not even traditional 'English' tea) but I have so many other flavours in the cupboard. This tea sounds lovely & it looks yummy too!

    Lauren x

  2. OOOH this sounds lush! My favourite tea ever is Peppermint and Licorice, Teapigs do an amazing one xx

  3. Elderflower is my absolutely favourite flavour, so this tea looks incredible! I have to say, I haven't tried much of whittard's, but there's a shop in Leeds (I think), so I might have to have a look!

    Imogen //

  4. Oooh these sound nice! I've never heard of apple and elderflower tea but it sounds yummy, I'm a big fan of flavoured teas so will have to give this a go :)

    JJ xxx <a href="”></a>

  5. Really lovely post Sam! I love herbal and fruit tea too and although I’ve tried hot chocolate by Whittard I have never tried their tea. I was on the Whittard website the other day and they have a lovely selection. I also enjoy the Pukka brand too. This apple and elderflower variety sounds definitely worth a look! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog