Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring TBR Wishlist

Hi, I've got to a point in the year where I'm not really sure what to read next. I decided to put together a collection of titles currently on my to be read list to remind myself of the books I'd like to read and share them with you. There is a bit of a theme within my choices that all the main characters are  female teenagers or younger.

 The Girl With All The Gifts
Author - M.R. Carey
Page Count - 460
First Published - 2014

My mum bought me this book for my birthday so I had no idea what it was about. After some research and review reading I've found it to be a new take on the Zombie idea which I'm super excited to read. I've been wanting something Zombie related to fill the void that is the walking dead. Melanie is a child zombie, she can learn and is affectionate towards others. Melanie is special but she's not alone, everyday she and her fellow classmates are tied into their chairs ready for class. I'm not really sure where the story goes but I'm excited to find out.

Author - Lisa Heathfield
Page Count - 336
First Published - 2015

I've seen a few reviews by book bloggers about Seed and it sounded like a book I would enjoy. Pearl is a young girl living within a small community. She gets her first period, which means she is considered a woman and awaits becoming one of Papa S's many companions. Life goes on until one day a new family arrive, with them a young boy and answers to questions Pearl never thought to ask. This seems very much like a cult based story and the idea that you can manipulate people to believe your version of the truth. I'm very much look forward to reading this to see how truly dark it could get.

How Hard Can Love Be
Author - Holly Bourne
Page Count - 480
First Published - 2016

I read Holly Bourne's work for the first time last year and loved her writing style, it's rare that I want to sit and read a book in one sitting and this book very nearly made me do just that. I reviewed 'Am I Normal Yet' last year, I was happy to find that this book is a continuation of the same group of friends Amber, Evie and Lottie. Where the previous story was about Evie this time it's Amber's turn to be in the spotlight.The subject for this story in comparison to Holly's previous story doesn't seem as gritty but I want to read it for her conversational writing style more than anything else.

 Asking For It
Author - Louise O'Neill
Page Count - 346
First Published - 2015

This is not a book for younger readers although it is of the young adult genre. The story is about a girl who wakes from a party with no memory of the previous night, she was raped and the story follows the aftermath. I reviewed Louise O'Neill's 'Only Ever Yours' last year and loved how hard hitting and thought provoking it was so I really want to see if I love this as much. I'm sure the subject matter will be a painful read but it's great to see harder subject matter being written about.

I'm always looking for recommendations, what have you been reading recently?

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  1. The Girl With All The Gifts was such an interesting read and such an unusual take on the zombie genre but I really enjoyed it. I want to read more of Louise O'Neill's work as I really enjoyed Only Ever Yours.
    Pretty Mad Things .. x o

  2. Asking For It is incredible, I've never had such a strong reaction to a novel before! I'll definitely check out the others on this list too xx

  3. Great selection. The Girl with all the gifts is AMAZING! I haven't heard of the others though - will definitely have a look :)

    Love, Kerstin

  4. I am always looking for new books to read so I loved seeing your suggestions. I would love to read Asking For It - it sounds like a really interesting and 'intense' book. xx


  5. I loved The Manifesto on How to Be Interesting by Holly Bourne and I'm yet to real Am I Normal Yet but seeing as there's already a sequel out, it will definitely be one I'll be reading once my exams are over as well as Asking For It- I think it's a book that a lot of people have been probably been scared to tackle.
    Sarah x

  6. Lovely picks! Please check out my latest hair tutorial on how to wave with a flat iron!

    Kisses xo | From Aliona With Love

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  7. Great selection! Ive read Seed and Asking For It and I really recommend them both. If I were to choose I'd probably read Seed first though (: xx