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Reading Roundup | March Book Reviews

Hi, I've decided to move my book reviews to the start of the following month so I've got a bit more time to finish books before I review them. This month I read three books one of which took forever. I have a guilty pleasure for young adult novels and dystopian themes so that is very much true of this months choices.

Book Review: Allegiant, Panic and The fire sermon

March Reading Roundup - Year Book Count 7

Author - Veronica Roth
Page Count - 526
First Published - 2013

I read Divergent and Insurgent last month and couldn't wait to finish the trilogy. I can't really go into the story without dropping loads of spoilers. I can honestly say that although it's not my favourite trilogy it's one that deserves respect and dam the ending. I've read some reviews of people picking away at the whole faction system stating the story is full of plot holes but I don't feel that way. I think the story answered all the questions I had and progressed in a way that kept me hooked and wanting to read more. I think the whole trilogy could have included more theory but it's fine just the way it is. I'm looking forward to watching the films now to compare.

Author - Lauren Oliver
Page Count - 408
First Published - 2014

This book was nothing like what I expected from the blurb, I'd got the totally wrong idea that 'Panic' was something the characters where forced to do, I re-read the blurb after and it makes total sense.

The book features a group of senior year students who opt into play 'Panic' everyone has to pay into the prize pot so why not play for the cash prize if you're brave enough. The story is told from split perspectives of Heather and Dodge, giving two sides to the story and the different motives people have for playing. The tasks are dangerous and dumb but that's the point. The senior year students come from a no hope town and winning 'Panic' and the lump sum of money is seen as the only way they will ever get the chance to leave.

I enjoyed the story, I could totally see why Panic exists and why people play by how desperate the character where to leave their dead end town. It seems daft to risk your life for money but the characters see the alternative option as not really a life either. The only thing that I was disappointed about with this story was I knew the ending, I knew how things would end right at the beginning. The journey of the story was great but I kind of hoped for a plot twist that never came.

The Fire Sermon*
Author - Francesca Haig
Page Count - 432
First Published - 2015

A dystopian Young Adult novel featuring a time when everyone is born with a twin, one an Alpha (perfect in every way) and the other an Omega (deformed either physically or mentally). The twins are separated at birth and brought up in very different ways, the only thing that the twins will share is their death.

The story is about Cass, a special type of omega as she is a seer. Due to this uncommon difference she can hide her powers which make splitting herself and brother Zach impossible. Over time Zach becomes bitter because of the shunned life he leads along side his sister, wishing to take on his full Alpha rights. He tricks Cass into revealing her true nature and life changes drastically. An outcast from her own family she joins other omega's but finds no comfort from them, as they are wary of seers. Life goes on until one day Cass is captured and imprisoned under orders from her estranged brother. Turns out he's made a name for himself within the counsel and he's trying to protect himself by keeping Cass stored away. 

The story develops and missions and truths form to make a good overall story that just takes a little bit too long to progress at times. On reflection it was a long read but one I enjoyed, I'm looking forward to the next installment which I believe is out in July. Plus look at the cover, isn't that a pretty book.

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  1. I'm a big fan of the Divergent series (seriously, I was obsessed). The last book got a lot of bad press but I was impressed with the ending - it's brave of an author to do that after all! Great reviews Sam!

    Musings & More

  2. Ohh, Panic sounds really interesting and it would make a great movie! I don't really read fiction but I should get back into listening to audio books at the gym!

    Corinne x

  3. I've never actually read the Divergent books but I'm a sucker for YA so may need to give them a shot! Great reviews lovely xx

  4. I loved the divergent books. Totally agree with you that they are written in a way where you don't see plot holes you just get involved follow along in way that keeps you turning pages and answers most questions. That ending doe, still ahhhhhh about it hahaha won't get over it haha
    Great books!

    Movies however loved the first didn't like the recent one and not looking forward to the one coming out which was a shame

    Haven't read the other two 'The fire sermon' sounds interesting!

    Rai |