Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sale and Wishlist | H&M

Hi, Signing up to email alerts from shops can be A. Good because you can make savings when they have discount days and be made aware of the sales, B. Bad because they make you spend money. This all leads to the fact I got an email from H&M to promote their mid season sale, £100 later and I have new stuff coming in the post. I'll do a little haul of the stuff I keep once it arrives. They also have some new lines and after a quick look I've put together a wishlist of some items for another day (I'm waiting for a good discount code).

Cotton Shorts - £14.99 | Moon Crop Top - £6.99 | Trainers - £14.99
Rings - £7.99 | Cushion Cover - £3.99 | T-light Holder - £1.99

Just a few bits but the crop top is really cute and the print screams 90's to me (I know the whole 70's thing is in but you're never going to see me in flares). The lace cotton shorts are perfect for super hot summer days so I'll probably only buy these if I book a holiday abroad, there's still time. The rings are a little over priced for my liking but they are statement pieces. The cushion cover is monochrome interior patterning at it's best for my taste and the T-light holder continues the lack of colour but with a really decorative pattern. Lastly are the trainers I have been after a pair of leather effect slip on trainers for ages but every where keeps selling out so maybe I'll grab a pair of these before it's too late.

Have you seen the new range, what's your favourite piece?

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