Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Clangers are Back! | Cbeebies

Hi, I'm so excited for the return of the clangers! if I'm honest I thought if the clangers ever came back it would be a computer animated mess but it's not and I'm over joyed that this is really happening in a way that stays true to the original series.

Image from the CBeebies Website

For those who do not know the clangers, they are a race of mouse like pink animals found on a small blue planet not far from our own Earth. The original series aired from 1969 - 1972, created by Oliver Postage and Peter Firming (my childhood hero's) via their production company Smallfilms. The first episode of the clangers was aired on 16th November 1969 the same year man landed on the moon. Since Oliver Postgate's death in 2008 his son has stepped into his shoes writing the new scripts for the creation of 52 new 11 minuet episodes. The original puppets are 46 years old so new puppets where knitted for the new series which has had a 5 million pound relaunch. The original sets where made by Peter Firming and his wife hand knitted all of the clangers, scripts where written by Oliver Postage. The clangers was made with the process of taking lots of photos in sequence including small movements known as stop motion animation. The original series where narrated by Oliver Postage, Michael Palin has been bought in to take over his role.

The new series of the clangers airs on CBeebies on the 15th June, I can't wait. There are a few short clips on the Cbeebies website of the newly generated clangers if you can't wait.

Did you watch the original Clangers?

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