Monday, June 29, 2015

Fashion | H&M Sale Haul

Hi, Today I finally got around to photographing the bits I picked out from the H&M sale. I was really impressed with the pieces that I picked up and only sent two things back. I think most of these items are out of season for the hotter weather that has finally arrived, but the dress is a floaty dream.

 High Waist Jeans £10 | Pink Jumper £7 | Dress £12 | Ripped Jeans £12 | Loafers £6 | Bedding Set £10

Dress - I love it! the highlight of my picks and I'm so glad I dared to try it. It is a really light floaty material, but not see through because it's double lined with black fabric. It is a really flattering fit even on my small torso, it sits in all the right places giving curves where needed and the pattern is really slimming. The only thing that I'm not so keen on is the body length exposed zip down the back but I think I can forgive the dress that one fault. It's not horrid after all it could have been gold.

Ripped Jeans -  I've wanted a pair of ripped jeans but I always have the issue that the knee rips never fall in the right place as my legs are a little short. These fit and look really nice because of the random placement of the rips which means that I can get away with wearing them and can finally take part in the ripped jeans trend. I really like how light the blue wash on these jeans is, very summery.

High Waist Jeans - I bought these in dark blue and loved the look and feel of them, so when I saw this grey pair in the sale I couldn't help but buy them too. They are quite a light grey wash in comparison to all my other grey jeans which makes a nice change.

Black Loafers - These are different from any other pair of flats I own (and I own a few). I decided they are a classic piece that would last me a good while. They are suede and have loads of inbuilt foot support which is a nice added bonus. I think this style of shoe works best worn with trousers, so they are a more summery option to my Dr Martens.

Pink Jumper - I know it's the height of summer and I bought a jumper. It is Britain after all so jumpers are never redundant for very long. This is a really pretty weave of different textured wool, this to me means it will last longer as this texture hides any bobbles. It has cropped sleeves which makes it a little more spring friendly. It has detailing of a gold zip on the back of the neck.

Bedding Set - How pretty is that pattern. I'm a little bit addicted to the whole chevron trend and I hope it sticks around long enough that when I have my own place I can go mad with is. I love the pop of yellow against the pastel pink and grey hues, it such a refreshing piece for my room during the summer months, and it looks great as a blog photo backdrop.

What do you think to my picks? did you get anything nice in the sales?

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  1. First of all great picks, H&M sales are so good online! You end up with a bunch of great stuff! I'm on the hunt for some ripped jeans but more in black or grey colour cause I feel I have too many shades of blue jeans hehe. I love high waist jeans they are great to have in your wardrobe. I'm actually looking through some sales right now to see what things I can find, but I'm definitely going to have a gander on H&M :)

    Sonam -

    1. Thanks for reading! I also want some ripped jeans in black/grey, I'll have to keep looking. =^-^=

    2. I'll let you know if I find a pair :)