Sunday, June 21, 2015

Highstreet Haul | Toiletries and Other Bits

Hi, today it's over cast with the sun trying to show it's face but failing. Last weekend I headed into my local town to pick up a few bits which I've been needing to get for a while and decided to share my little beauty haul with you. Nothing exciting really but some really nice and super affordable products.

Nivea Hydro Care
I've been using the classic Nivea lip balm for ages and love how hydrating it is. I found this in Bodycare for the grand total of 69p so had to try it out. The reason I want to try this one over the classic is this one has SPF 15 so perfect for the summer months.

Wilkinson Hair Rollers
I was going to pick these up in Primark as I didn't know that anywhere else did them. I this pack in Wilkinsons which contain 12 rollers for £1, you only get 8 in the Primark sets so I saved a £1 as I didn't have to buy the third pack I thought I'd need.

Olay Day Fluid
I've been using this product for years so it's become a staple in my daily routine. It's a super light weight moisturiser which sinks into the skin really quickly, it also contains SPF 15.

Sure Invisible Deodorant
Another product that I have been using for years. When the whole anti white marks technology came out I couldn't have been happier, as I typically wear all black, bye bye white marks.

Garnier Summer Body
I'm of the English rose skin type, so I decided to try some gradual tan. I've seen this on a lot of blog posts recently and I couldn't be bothered to research any alternatives, so hopefully it works for me. I got this in light so I'll keep you posted on the results. I got this 400ml bottle for £3.50 from Morrison.

Superdrug Restoring Skin Oil
I have some stretch marks on my hips from teenage growth and have always been self conscious about it. Products like Bio Oil have been on my radar to try to see if it makes any difference even as a placebo. In Superdrug I found their own brand version of the product with a 1/3 off.

Superdrug Superberry Mud Mask
Yet another Superdrug home brand product but you really can't go wrong. I picked this clay face mask up as I wanted something different to products I already own. This product is interesting as it contains raspberry seeds which act as a natural exfoliating ingredient.

Vaseline Rosy Lips
I got one of these for Christmas and really enjoyed it for a light tint of colour on the lips. As always with Vaseline it's a super moisturising product with a slightly fragrant scent from the use of Rose and Almond Oil as ingredients.

Have you bought any summer essentials?

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