Thursday, June 25, 2015

Book Review | Ready Player One

Hi! I've done a review of a book I finished reading a little while ago now, I'm still thinking about it. Ready Player One is set at a time when resources are running out. People have abandoned reality and spend most of their lives playing on the Oasis, a virtual reality network. Energy resources started to run out and everyone headed to the nearest large city where power was still available so they can get a connection. Due to condensed population and deterioration of living standards most people now live in trailers stacked 50 high.

Ready Player One

Author - Ernest Cline
First Published  - August 2011
Page Count - 374

The story really takes off when James Halliday the creator of the oasis dies. A game is launched to look for a hidden Easter egg within the fantasy world, the person to find the egg inherits the Oasis. Wade the central character through who's eye the story is told and the other main characters are underdogs all trying to find somewhere they fit in, the oasis is that place. Having the chance to create alternative persona's gives them all a chance at living life to the full, finding the Easter egg becomes their goal. There are others out there known as the Sixers also playing the game with the motive of winning to destroy everything the oasis stands for.

This is a good geeky read but also easily relate-able for non-gamers, it references lost of old 80's pop culture. It's a fast paced story which keeps you guessing. Worth a read if you like to read books to then compare the film adaptation as the book is due to be made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg. I really enjoyed this book and managed to finished it rather quickly considering I'm a slow reader as the story drew me in and I couldn't put the book down.

Have you read Ready Player One?

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