Thursday, June 11, 2015

Book Haul | Amazon 3 for £10 Offer

Hi, where do you shop for your books? the first place I check when I want a book is Amazon. It has to be the best place for checking current prices. While searching for some titles for a previous post about my summer reading list (read it here) I found that Amazon have a three paper backs for £10 offer which I couldn't resist, as a result I now have plenty of reading material for the summer months. These are the books that I bough.

Ways to Live ForeverSally Nicholls
Amazon - £6.29
Page Count: 224
This is quite a thin book and I'm pretty sure it's a children's book, it was the winner of the Waterstones children's book price. The book is made up of a selection of lists and diary entries. The story is about a boy with leukemia trying to make scene of everything, I image even though this is a kids book it's going to have some really sad parts.

A Flash of Blue - Maria Farrer
Amazon - £7.99
Page Count: 352
This is the book I'm most looking forward to reading and the one I will probably start with. The cover is really striking (the lines are shiny) and fits with the title perfectly. This book is about a girl who's brother dies in a car crash and she blames herself for his death, the story then leads into how she copes with his passing and her guilt.

The Broken - Tamar Cohen
Amazon - £5.24
Page Count: 400
The biggest of the books I purchased and the only one which featured on my summer reading list. This will be a good book for me to try out a new genre of story telling. This is a story about relationships, particularly those of married couples that are friends, and what happens when the truth comes out.

Because there was the three for £10 offer on I picked the most expensive books that I wanted to read to get the best saving. Now I can't wait for my little camping trip to York to get stuck into these. Once I've read them I will do a book review and let you know my thoughts.

Have you bought any books recently that you would recommend?

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