Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monthly Highlights | June

Hi, so June went fast right! The sun has finally shown up and I'm enjoying the mini heat wave. I hope the warmer weather sticks around long enough for my holiday. Today I'm looking back at my monthly goals and reflecting back on what I've done in the past month.

 Goals completed 4/10
  • Finish reading one book
  • Have a BBQ
  • Go for a long walk
  • Have a spring clean
  • Get rid of some stuff via donation or recycling
  • Do a DIY project/create something new
  • Wear a bold lip colour
  • Sell some clothes online
  • Take more photos of day to day life
  • Try a new meal recipe 

Well I hope the weather next month is a little nicer for my camping trip. I failed at taking more daily photos as I just totally forget. The weather hasn't been nice enough to entice me out of the house with the effort of going on a walk and weekends have been poor for BBQ's, I'll be getting loads of outdoor air and eating outdoors a lot next month so oh well. I've had a massive sort out of some clothes and quite a lot went to charity, I've now got a pile waiting for me photograph and sell on Ebay. I finished reading a book which I have been struggling to enjoy so really glad that's over. I didn't wear a bold lip but I did try a new meal recipe for stir fry beef which was super yummy. I have some really good ideas for creative projects just need to get making now, one for next month. So I didn't do great on the goals but there's always next month.


  • I had to say goodbye to one of my friends as she moved down to London to be closer to her sister. I'm so glad I live in a time when it's so easy to keep in touch. It's not all bad as I now have a place to stay for London adventures when I visit her.
  • I went to the Honley Show, which is an agricultural show with loads of farm animals and a big entertainment arena where they had stunt bikes and bird of prey displays.
  • Lots of days doing nothing much, other than reading blogs and watching game of thrones. Sometimes it's just nice to relax and enjoy the fact you have nothing planned.

I hope you've had a lovely month.

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