Thursday, July 2, 2015

Month's Mini Goals | July

Hi, so we're half way through the year. My camping holiday is within touching distance, only one more day of work. The sun has come out in full force, we had the most surreal electric storm last night. No rain or thunder, just flashes of lightening everywhere you looked, it was pretty cool.

Mini goals for July
  • Play with bubbles in the Sun
  • Buy an epic Ice cream
  • Take photos for an OOTD post
  • Walk the York cat trail
  • Finish a book
  • Have an awesome holiday
  • Eat somewhere new
  • Wear a floral head crown
  • Treat myself to something from Lush
  •  Try some new hair styles

I just wanted to quickly explain what the cat trail is. Basically there are loads of ceramic cats dotted around the city of York, I've meant to do this walk in the past but never gotten around to it. The point of the walk is to look for the cats and in doing so you look at York from a totally different angle based on architecture. It's a nice free activity and something to do when you're bored of the shops.

Excited doesn't cover how I feel about my holiday. I might just be camping in a field but it's time to relax and take things at a much slower pace, hopefully enjoying some nice hot days of sunshine. I'm off for the week without electric so I've scheduled some posts so I don't totally disappear. I'm feeling super summery and can't wait to wear some of the clothes I can't work into my day to day lifestyle. Also the lack of styling tools will force me to be more inventive with my hair, wish me luck.

Have a lovely July!

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